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Our team of family solicitors is carefully structured to ensure that you get the right level of legal and specialist support for the wide variety of legal issues that face modern families.

Our comprehensive real estate and planning end-to-end service, covering everything from leases to litigation, is focused on devising inventive and cost-effective solutions to your operational or investment needs.

Our corporate lawyers marry the corporate, commercial and legal worlds, alongside our extensive network of industry connections and broad knowledge, to provide you with a formula that will guarantee your success.


Getting overloaded with recording the financial transactions of your business is a common problem, yet one that can be easily resolved.

Our market knowledge and experience of real estate acquisitions and disposals of all sizes gives us the vision and ability to help you succeed.

Get it right and increase your client base, brand recognition, enhanced reputation. However, get it wrong and in the UK, you could find yourself answering to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).

Our experienced alternative dispute resolution lawyers will start by considering your case carefully before assessing the most likely outcome, in court or out.

Whether a private, public or listed company, you have a duty to prepare annual accounts for regulators, shareholders and auditors.

Getting overloaded with recording the financial transactions of your business is a common problem, yet one that can be easily resolved.

You expect your commercial and residential properties to work hard for you. So you should expect the same from your legal team.


The UK’s finance and banking sector is highly regulated, increasingly complex and demands advisers that can talk your language and deliver on their promises.

Our banking litigation team has a wealth of experience in advising banks, in disputes arising in connection with loans and other financial arrangements.

We know the kinds of pressures that Boards face on a day-to-day basis, but it is also important that leaders of businesses are striving for personal improvement and progress too.

The prospect of tightened entry requirements to Britain will be causing alarm. We have made it our mission to understand the UK’s future immigration landscape.

Planning early for your business succession is necessary to ensure a smooth succession strategy and, if done correctly, to reduce your tax exposure.


With the help of our specialist charity law team, you can ensure your chosen charity beneficiaries reap the rewards of your hard work whilst you benefit from the financial incentives.

Relationship breakdown is never pleasant and even more troubling and complicated if children are involved. Custody cases require considered, sensitive handling to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for the children.

More and more unmarried couples are choosing to live together, but many are failing to recognise their lack of protection if they separate.

Identifying business goals and putting a strategy in place to reach them is paramount; you’ll need experts with the skills and resilience to help you get the best results.

Commercial contracts will underpin many of your trade arrangements with other businesses and jurisdictions on a domestic and international level.

We act for all parties that can be involved in real estate transactions including landowners, developers, investors, pension funds, banks, venture capitalists, landlords, occupiers, FTSE 100 companies, and more

We keep your commercial objectives at the forefront when advising you in relation to any commercial dispute. Whether it’s a supplier who lets you down, a claim for professional negligence or the loss of commercial value

Our team has the knowledge and technical ability to ensure all your compliance and corporate governance needs are taken care of affording you additional precious time to focus on your business.

We know the kind of pressures that come hand in hand with running a business, no matter whether it’s a small, large, international, private or a publicly-listed company.

Ensuring that your business practices aren’t in breach of competition laws is essential to success. Failing to comply could see the competition authorities take serious action – including fines and even criminal prosecutions.

As a growing business ourselves, construction is more than just a bolt-on to our thinking. We understand the sector from our vast technical knowledge and real-world experience of the issues you face. We talk your language.

Copyright can extend from software to photography and fine art, its cousin “database rights” can protect hugely valuable collections of data.

Our corporate lawyers marry the corporate, commercial and legal worlds, alongside our extensive network of industry connections and broad knowledge, to provide you with a formula that will guarantee your success.

Ambitious businesses are the powerhouse behind the UK economy. They embody the characteristics needed to excel in uncertain times and seize opportunities when they arise.

Ensuring that loan agreements accurately record the terms between lenders and borrowers is crucial to ensuring that both parties know exactly the type of agreement they are entering into.

Regardless of their size, or the markets they operate in, successful businesses are defined by their ability to develop and fund a growth strategy.

Ensuring your business is operating in accordance with your chosen corporate governance code, will go some way to ensure that operations are running properly.

In any situation when things take a turn for the worse, our corporate restructuring and insolvency team deliver the best possible commercial outcomes where possible.

We are specialists in the field of legal costs and appreciate the requirement for high quality advice with a commercial focus.

If a member of your family or a close friend loses their capacity and has not previously prepared valid Lasting or Enduring Powers of Attorney, an application to the Court of Protection to appoint you as their Deputy.

With some banks taking a more cautious approach to their lending portfolios, businesses are turning to alternative sources such as crowdfunding in particular peer-to-peer financing.


Managing personal data has been firmly brought to the top of the agenda for business owners with the introduction of GDPR.

Prudent businesses use a combination of good credit management backed up by robust systems and effective support to get paid promptly.

Our property litigation solicitors understand the difficulties faced by both landlords and tenants when covenant breaches occur, within commercial property.

We help you to understand your options, the routes and grounds of separation, the way the system works and what you can expect from alternative resolution options or court action.


Our team of highly experienced employment solicitors are perfectly placed to help you navigate a wide range of employment law issues.

In the wake of shifting regulation, economic unpredictability and the battle for top talent, protecting your business and improving flexibility has never been more important.

Managing an employee base of any size can throw up its challenges, and unfortunately disputes will arise from time-to-time. But expecting and planning for them is half the battle.

Accessing the UK’s capital markets to raise finance to fund your growth plans requires confidence and vision.

With family structures and personal and business affairs now more complex, you need access to advisers who can handle the administrative process.


Our team of family solicitors is carefully structured to ensure that you get the right level of legal and specialist support for the wide variety of legal issues that face modern families.

We are specialists in the start-up and fast-growth companies space working with a large variety of clients each year.

Our fertility and surrogacy lawyers help you to understand your options and guide you through the legal complexities of fertility law, including the process of getting a parental order.


We understand your needs and can provide creative and pragmatic solutions so your staff or you have the correct visa status, residency and settlement rights, or follow the inward investment strategy that works for you.


Whether your organisation is looking to invest in the UK, set up business in India or operate globally, or you are a private individual looking for tax, family or immigration law advice, our India desk is here to help.

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be difficult, but even more so if you feel that a family member’s wishes have not been fulfilled, or like you haven’t received what is rightfully yours.

Our defendant insurance team act on behalf of insurers, intermediaries and self-insureds. The team is renowned for its tenacious approach and quality work, often dealing with highly complex catastrophic claims.

Intellectual Property goes to the heart of our clients’ freedom to operate and impacts market share in their chosen fields.

We advise businesses, individuals and families on a range of immigration services. Our experienced immigration lawyers offer the expertise and know-how to help you navigate the UK immigration system.

When a dispute arises in relation to a commercial agreement, it is not unusual to find it contains a dispute resolution clause, which requires the matter to be referred to arbitration.

Whilst cross-border considerations make child custody and cohabitation arrangements more complicated, our team has the specialist knowledge and experience.

In a changing world, we know the growing importance that Islamic finance plays in the global economy.

As ways of doing business evolve and the global workforce becomes more mobile, IT and Telecoms systems have never been more important.


Our experience from both perspectives means we can help you avoid the worries of overly intricate negotiations and lease documents.

We have developed a real focus in answer to requests from the LGBT community for advice to be provided in an approachable, empathetic and non-judgemental way by lawyers that truly understand the issues.

We offer expert guidance from a highly-skilled dispute resolution team to help you understand the best course of action and to secure a positive outcome, as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Our experienced litigators always start by listening to your needs first and we promise to give you well-considered advice based on our expertise.


With the fight for top talent intensifying, you need to remain competitive and attractive, reviewing your efficiency and ensuring working practices stay dynamic.

We believe that our clients deserve to make big returns on their investments, and we are determined to put our bright minds and technical knowledge to good use.

Our team can help you to resolve divorce or separation disputes through a family mediation service, collaborative family law, or arbitration.

When a medical mistake occurs it can have a devastating impact upon you and your loved ones, affecting not only your health but potentially your personal and working life too.

There are now more commercial and legal considerations than ever before, putting M&A deals under greater scrutiny. Our team will always act to get you the best deal.


If you’ve been in an accident, suffered negligent medical treatment or received inadequate advice from a professional, our negligence law team will support you and fight for the outcome that you deserve.


Businesses offering innovative products and processes will wish to enforce their patents to protect their R&D investment and market share.

There’s rarely a standard solution to any pensions situation. With strength in depth and long standing experience we can advise on all aspects of occupational pension schemes.

Personal injury compensation can be a challenging process. Our team of personal injury lawyers always strive to provide the utmost care to our clients and their families.

We know that looking after the wealth you've accumulated during your life really matters and we want to help you and your family to make the most of it.

From small listed buildings to large regeneration projects, our commercially-astute town planners and planning lawyers have it covered.

No matter what age you are, it is important to consider how your financial and medical needs will be met in the future if you lose capacity.

Making sure financial assets are protected for your future is wise. That’s where prenuptial (prenup) and postnuptial (postnup) agreements come in.

Our private client solicitors recognise the importance of listening to you when it comes to helping you achieve your estate planning goals.

Investors and fund managers are always on the look-out for a well-managed business to invest in, which, with the right strategic input and funding, could be capable of delivering healthy growth.

For public bodies, utilities and institutions that are subject to procurement regulations, getting it wrong can have far-reaching consequences for suppliers and contracting authorities alike.

Sometimes you can be let down by the professional you sought help from. That’s where our team of professional negligence solicitors come in.

Disputes and disagreements are a fact of commercial life when owning or occupying property. But needless cost and aggravation are not.


Our comprehensive end-to-end service, covering everything from leases to litigation, is focused on devising inventive and cost-effective solutions to your operational or investment needs.

Our real estate finance team aims to make funding property transactions as streamlined as possible, whilst keeping your security as lender, and that of your customers, firmly in mind.

Our tax lawyer expertise is on the money when it comes to optimising your tax position for acquisitions, development, finance, and more.

Regulatory compliance obligations in the workplace are becoming more onerous and the Government is striving for more transparency and accountability.

If your business is facing changes that could force its closure or which would limit its operation, it is imperative that that you receive sound advice at the earliest possible opportunity.

We work with landlords and tenants to help resolve commercial rent disputes.

Our Residential Property team is a dedicated team of over 50 experts across all of our office locations in the UK.

We have a highly experienced and wholly specialist residential development team supported by experts in all legal areas necessary to make your project a success.


We can provide bespoke, sensitive and strategic advice to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

When the SRA intervenes with your solicitor’s firm, we then begin the process of exchanging information.


Minimising tax is a key consideration in business decisions. Our tax expertise is on the money when it comes to optimising your tax position.

We work on the basis that your best interests are our interests. We take the time to understand your business and how best to exploit or defend your position whilst always having your objectives front of mind.

Unfortunately, disagreements can happen from time-to-time and being prepared to handle a trade union or works council will help to avoid costly industrial action.

With new employment legislation being introduced at a rapid pace and landmark cases shaping the way in which we manage our workforces, it’s essential that you have your finger on the pulse.

Establishing a trust is often a sensible way to protect your wealth and maintain its value for the benefit of others over a long period of time.


We have a dedicated team of legal professionals whose sole aim is to get your money back quickly and cost-effectively. This specialist expertise means we are able to handle complex matters and pro-actively pursue all recoverable losses.


For some businesses, the need or cost of having a full-time HR professional can be hard to justify, but the role HR plays shouldn’t be underestimated.

The utilities landscape is changing, with innovation more important than ever before. We do not compromise on quality and ensure that our clients are always one step ahead.


We appreciate it can be difficult to envisage a time when you’re not there to provide for your family and preparing a will can be the last thing on your mind.