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When a relationship breaks down, reaching a solution that works for all parties can be easier said than done, particularly when trying to communicate with your ex-partner. Our team can help you to resolve divorce or separation disputes through a family mediation service, collaborative family law, or arbitration.

It’s natural not to agree on everything, but that doesn’t mean your divorce or dissolution has to be settled in a court. We can work with you to arrange your finances and protect your children’s future through constructive out-of-court processes.

Every family or relationship set-up is different, so our team will consider your individual circumstances and then decide whether mediation, collaboration, or arbitration is most appropriate. Alternative resolution allows you to achieve outcomes that are more likely to stand the test of time, and, more importantly, avoid costly court action.

There are plenty of other benefits to reaching an out-of-court agreement with the help of collaborative lawyers:

You may want to arrive at a resolution quickly and avoid taking court action. We have the skills to help you reach a negotiated settlement through mediation, collaboration or arbitration – where the solutions can be reached promptly, the options more flexible and the costs can be more manageable.

By keeping matters out of court you can resolve issues in a non-confrontational way that can save time and costs.

We give clear, frank and reassuring advice to help you choose the best way forward. We help with matters of all sizes, including international divorces and where couples have extensive wealth or complicated business interests.

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How we support you

Whichever route is taken – in court or out of it – our experienced lawyers will support you, defend you and equip you with the information, counsel and backing needed to reach a solution that works for you. We’ll also give you clear information about the costs at the start, to help you manage your outgoings.

Our mediation and collaboratively-trained lawyers make sure discussions and negotiations run smoothly and decisively to the benefit of both you, your ex-partner and your family. When it’s all over, we guarantee you will feel liberated and have a positive plan for the future.

Our track record is exceptional – we’ve helped to resolve many disputes like yours through mediation, collaboration, or arbitration in the past.

If you think that an out-of-court process such as family mediation, collaboration, or arbitration could help you, don’t hesitate to get in contact or call us on 0330 024 0333 today.

Why choose Shakespeare Martineau?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Shakespeare Martineau as your family solicitors:

  • We have been recognised as the Family Law Firm of the Year – Midlands & Wales in the LexisNexis Family Law Awards 2020, recognising our excellent client services and the results we have achieved on complex national and international family cases.

  • With expertise in all aspects of family law as well as related business and financial concerns, we can assemble a bespoke team that’s perfectly positioned to support your family with its unique requirements.

  • Our family law experts offer a personal service, taking the time to get to know you and understand all of the issues that your family faces.

The process of engaging family lawyers

Not everyone is aware of how the process of engaging family solicitors works, so we’ve provided an overview below to give you some peace of mind:

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Out-of-court paths to reach agreement

The courtroom can be an unpredictable and unfriendly place. There are three out-of-court methods that offer you more control and flexibility over the decisions being made:

Family mediation service

Discussing issues between you and your ex-partner with an impartial mediator to help to reach an agreement.

Collaborative family law

Openly discussing issues with your ex-partner, along with your lawyers, to try to negotiate an agreement together with the family’s best interests kept in mind at all times.

Family arbitration

The outcome of your case is decided by a neutral arbitrator as if they were a judge in court.

Decisions by arbitration are legally binding. Agreements reached collaboratively or by mediation become legally stamped as part of a court order.

Out-of-court agreements don’t work for everyone. If one person refuses to be honest about the financial circumstances, or are not prepared to try to come to an agreement, then your case will probably need to be decided in court.

From family mediation through to arbitration, our experienced collaborative lawyers have an intimate understanding of the processes that can help you to achieve an out-of-court resolution. Our team offer professional yet empathetic service to ensure that mutually beneficial resolutions are reached without conflict.

Our family law guides

No matter what situation you and your family have found yourself in we are here to help and have put together a collection of guides and advice to support you.

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How can we help?

Our expert family lawyers are ready to help you and your family, contact us online below or speak to someone by calling us.

How can we help?

Our expert family lawyers are ready to help you and your family, contact us online below or speak to someone by calling us.