Commercial Solicitors

Commercial transactions are the driving force behind all businesses, regardless of size and location

Identifying business goals and putting a strategy in place to reach them is paramount; you’ll need experts with the skills and resilience to help you get the best results.

With the terms and circumstances around commercial transactions often integral to the wider success of the business, having legal advisers who understand your intentions and aims is essential. This could be supporting your general commercial activities, for example selling goods or services; right through to arranging reseller or distributor arrangements, data compliance, organising franchising agreements and setting up equipment hire.

  • From the simple to the more complex, the local to the international, you need a team of legal advisers with pragmatism and a deep understanding of the commercial landscape in which you operate in, whether the UK or oversees
  • Many of our team members have held in-house roles at a range of companies, from large SMEs to multinational corporates
  • Using this experience allows us to understand the driving force between your deal or contract, making sure it works for you both legally and commercially

Our approach
We strive to immerse ourselves in your business – understanding what makes you tick and your goals and ambitions. Our expertise and experience in commercial matters means that there is little that we haven’t come across before or, if it is, we can work with you to find innovative solutions to innovative challenges.

How we work with you
We know you want advisers who are accessible and approachable, whenever you need them. We promise to speak your language, understand your business and not let you down.