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Taking your people strategy seriously with transparent and cost-effective HR support

Taking your people strategy seriously with transparent and cost-effective HR support.

For some businesses, the need or cost of having a full-time HR professional can be hard to justify, but the role HR plays shouldn’t be underestimated.

HR360 provides an affordable solution for businesses that have no HR function whatsoever, or where a team in place could do with a little more support. We plug the HR gaps in your business so that you have specialist advisers to call upon, employment lawyers to use as a sounding board, template letters/documents and resources to keep up-to-date with the latest developments that impact your workforce.

From isolated incidents to ongoing HR requirements, our team are ready to help you navigate the demands that come hand in hand with managing people.

We provide you with guidance on your day-to-day HR needs to give you peace of mind and rapid resolutions – without the legal jargon.

  • Dealing with workplace concerns requires a swift and thorough approach. We know that when things don’t quite go to plan, you may need HR support at the drop of a hat. Our pragmatic and solutions-focused team are quick to advise on a full range of employment and HR-related issues – right when you need it most. From disciplinary and grievances, contracts and policies, sickness absence, to apprenticeship schemes, business immigration and data protection, our team will ensure you’re protected and supported
  • We know that businesses are striving for efficiency and flexibility and the move to online software systems can help build a slick operation. Our online HR portal is ripe with resources and guidance, as well as providing a reliable tool for management. The platform gives clear direction to businesses seeking assistance on a variety of HR topic by providing template letters, guidance notes, and the latest employment update bulletins, while ensuring you can document your HR vitals, such as monitoring sickness absence and holidays, with ease
  • Managing your HR risk profile and having easy access to advisers shouldn’t cost you the earth. HR360’s fixed-fee approach makes it cost effective to have HR and employment specialists at your fingertips. Depending on the needs of your business, our graded pricing structure ensures affordability, quality and delivery. Should you need that extra protection, we can also provide insurance that protects you against the costs of employment tribunals and disciplinary support

Our service
Our HR360 service is backed by a team of legal and HR professionals that can offer you quick, simplified and accessible solutions for your HR problems.

Whether you’re a business owner of a small or medium sized company, a manager or HR professional needing some extra assistance, HR360 can provide you with easy access to our national team.

How we work with you
We like to speak your language, get to know your business and provide you with solutions that are going to change your business for the better.

We are not just legal and HR advisers, we consider ourselves part of your team and make it our mission to keep you and your workforce happy.

Putting you at the heart of everything we do means that our service fosters loyalty, trust and longstanding partnerships.

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