Compliance and Regulatory Solicitors

Protecting the reputation and bottom line of your business

Regulatory Compliance in the Workplace

Our regulatory solicitors ensure that your organisation remains fully compliant, safeguarding you from a financial and reputational perspective.

As compliance obligations in the workplace become more onerous and the Government strives for more transparency and accountability around pay and working practices, you may feel like that the road to compliance is long and laborious.

The work involved in ensuring you’re up to speed on the rules and regulations that govern good business practice should not be underestimated. Getting it wrong, or failing to understand your obligations, could have serious financial repercussions, including criminal sanctions, as well as significant reputational damage.

Our team guide you through the legal complexities of workplace compliance. We ensure that your organisation has a robust regulation and compliance strategy in place, signposting areas that need to be addressed before they become an issue.

"I pride myself on establishing close working relationships with my clients to ensure I know their business and their objectives – finding commercial and workable solutions to their issues is my priority"
Helen Hughes
Legal Director

Our compliance and regulatory law expertise

Your business needs compliance and regulatory lawyers with an in-depth knowledge of this complex and ever-changing area of law. Recognised by the Legal 500, we offer the support of the country’s finest legal minds with specialisms in all areas of workplace compliance.

From Gender Pay reporting and Modern Slavery statements, to more general compliance issues such as the National Minimum Wage, the Bribery Act, Working Time Regulations and holiday pay calculations, understanding your obligations is essential., but We will provide the support you require.

Offering a range of regulatory services

Our range of regulatory services covers the full spectrum of support needed to keep your organisation compliant with all relevant standards. We have extensive experience in assisting businesses with compliance-related processes such as:

Auditing current regulatory practices

Auditing your current practices is the best place to start. We can help to profile your workforce and highlight your risk areas – from policies and procedures and flexible working arrangements, to pay analysis and corporate hospitality. From here, we can iron out non-compliance and prepare a strategy to help you minimise the risks identified.

Devising and implementing compliance strategies

Worse than being non-compliant is being aware yet doing nothing about it. Our regulatory solicitors assist with implementing strategies to help you take action. This includes reviewing and revising your codes of conduct, establishing corporate values and helping to shape a culture that breeds compliance from the top down. Being equipped to react quickly is essential and encouraging open lines of communication, protection for whistleblowers and watertight procedures is a must for any organisation.

Educating staff on the regulations

A huge part of compliance involves educating your people on what’s expected and how they can spot the signs of non-compliant behaviours or actions. We can help to plug the gaps in your business if needed, raise awareness of compliance duties and the steps that can be taken to reduce risks. Training senior management or HR teams is fundamental to getting the basics right.

The way we help you

We understand that regulatory compliance, whether a major report such as Gender Pay, or day-to-day compliance commitments, can add financial, emotional and time pressure to businesses and their HR teams. But the impacts of getting it wrong can be far-reaching.

No matter if you’re an SME, a large corporate, HR professional or a multinational, our team of proactive and supportive regulatory lawyers help to give you peace of mind, guidance and practical actions to implement.

Our team comes from all walks of life and backgrounds, some from in-house positions and all with sector specialisms, arming us with the perfect formula to support businesses through a wide spectrum of challenges and businesses.

We take the time to truly get to know you, make it our mission to support you and genuinely care about helping you to get it right.

Your journey through the legal process

We’ve streamlined the onboarding process when enlisting us as your compliance and regulatory solicitors, ensuring that we get to the root of any issues immediately. To give you absolute clarity, the steps involved are outlined below:

  1. The first stage is to get in touch with us using button below – you will then be assigned to one of our compliance specialists. Alternatively, you can reach us on 0330 024 0333.

  2. We reach out to you within an hour to discuss your organisation’s current approach to compliance and advise on how we can support you.

  3. You are then provided with a transparent breakdown of our costs and, if you would like to proceed, we send you a pack of onboarding documents.

  4. Following this, we work closely with you and your employees to ensure your business is fully compliant with all relevant standards.