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Structuring an exit strategy that works for you

Exiting an organisation at any level can be difficult, even more so when you’re a member of the senior management team, or a member of an LLP in a professional services business.

With so many factors to consider around negotiating settlement agreements, constructing a suitable exit strategy and managing reputational issues, you need robust legal support. We can provide bespoke, sensitive and strategic advice to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

From navigating any financial or contractual disputes relating to bonus schemes and incentive plans, to tailoring internal and external messaging around an exit, we work with everyone from C-suite level executives of FTSE 250 companies through to managers in SMEs; from senior partners in multinational partnerships through to junior members of LLPs, to guide them through the exit process.

Whether your move is to another organisation, or into retirement, our team of employment law experts are on hand to make sure the right strategy is adopted to help you achieve your goals, managing the balance between head and heart in the process.

  • Negotiating bonuses, commission and remuneration issues can be complicated at the best of times and we can help to ensure that your options are laid out in plain English so you know what you’re able to get. If there are advantages to be made by structuring your exit in a specific way, our extensive knowledge of the language of contracts allows us to highlight any opportunities to achieve your financial and career goals
  • Protecting your reputation is a key consideration during any exit process and by understanding the motivation behind your move, we can offer pragmatic advice on the reputational risks or opportunities it may pose. It might be that under the current circumstances a more discreet exit is advisable, or the conditions may be ripe to make a bold marketplace statement about your next career move
  • If matters escalate during the process, you can be comforted by the knowledge that our team of employment litigators will be with you every step of the way until the dispute is resolved. We always have your interests front of mind and we work with you to fight for a solution which makes practical and commercial sense

Our service
We understand the tensions which may arise on both sides when someone in a leadership role exits from a business. Our team provides bespoke support and counsel when you need it most and we have a proven track record of reaching the best possible outcome for our clients. Whether it’s personal advice you need about your own exit strategy, or insights into wider marketplace implications, we can act as trusted counsel with your best interests at heart.

We are on hand to negotiate your new employment contract; to provide support and counsel when you are facing allegations or complaints about your behaviour or performance; to offer strategic guidance during times of conflict or disagreement at board level; and to represent you in litigation if, despite all efforts, negotiations between the parties break down.

How we work with you
No matter the size of business you may be leaving or joining, we can work with you to ensure your interests are protected and your challenges overcome. During stressful periods we know the value of having advisers on hand all the time to provide support, so we’ll never leave you to make critical strategic decisions about your future alone.

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