Self-employed workers: Not alone in isolation

Self-employed workers: Not alone in isolation

For those who are self-employed, the realities of having to self-isolate can be extremely worrying, especially if they rely solely on this income to support themselves.

Unfortunately, regardless of whether there is a requirement to self-isolate or not, there is currently no safety net in place. The government may put support measures in place further down the line, but for the moment self-employed workers aren’t covered by statutory sick pay like their contracted counterparts.

However, that doesn’t mean that those who are self-employed cannot protect themselves and their business during these uncertain times. Some may have insurance in place which covers business interruption, in such cases it’s worth carefully checking the terms and conditions of any policies to see if a claim can be made. That being said, for those who are not currently covered, getting cover at this stage is likely to be very tricky and expensive, if not impossible, as many insurers will not be openly offering this type of insurance for the time being.

It’s also important to check the wording of any contractual documents that may be in place. There could be clauses which mean that full or part payment can be requested for the time where work would have been carried out under normal circumstances.

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