Our CEO’s top tips on positive leadership

Our CEO’s top tips on positive leadership

After all, there’s no use asking people to give their all at work, if they don’t see the same dedication reflected in their CEO.

So, how can CEOs display positive leadership?

  1. Recognise that organisations are made up of individuals – One-size-fits-all is not an option for modern leaders. They must try and connect with four distinct working generations, all of which have different mindsets. However, it’s important to remember that a person’s mindset is not interlinked with their generation. For a business to grow, these differences must be embraced and accommodated.
  2. Be flexible – Flexibility enables mutually-profitable relationships to be formed and maintained, both in the business world and outside of it. To positively lead a purpose and value-driven organisation, a CEO must be willing to strengthen their awareness, control and commercial conviction, in turn creating a more positive business culture.
  3. Have a can-do attitude – Modern leaders should be happy to ask ‘why not?’ instead of ‘why?’. This can open up numerous opportunities for the business, enabling it to evolve. Making the occasional mistake is nothing to fear, it offers the chance to learn.
  4. Be values-driven – This can help to make difficult decisions easier, as the decision maker can be certain that whatever they have chosen to do was done so according to their convictions. Having the ability to embrace conflict instead of run from it is incredibly valuable.
  5. Be decisive – Building trust with people takes time but is necessary for any CEO on their journey towards positive leadership. Displaying confidence, empathy and decisive action can help build trust and show the ability to get results. Positivity is not the same as naivety; you can be both positive and commercial.
  6. Embrace authenticity – Bringing your whole self to work is something that should be encouraged. There’s no need to hide outside interests and experiences from people, in fact, it can help to form genuine connections and lead to more acceptance of differences among the workforce. Individuality is something to be embraced, not hidden.

Positive leadership can create much-needed certainty in a business. Unless a CEO lives and breathes the purpose and vision of their organisation, people won’t believe in them or the business. Of course, strong business plans are vital, but so are people, and CEOs must remember this.

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