MIPIM 2019 Day two – It’s all happening in the Midlands!

MIPIM 2019 Day two – It’s all happening in the Midlands!

Kicking us off with today’s MIPIM diary is our head of planning, Simon Stanion:

“It has been all go for the Shakespeare Martineau team at MIPIM 2019 today. Brendan Walsh, Alex Smith and I all started the day at the Marketing Derby Embassy introduced by John Forkin, MD of Marketing Derby, who extolled the virtues of Derbyshire for inward investment.

“Amongst the numerous supporting stats presented to a full auditorium in the Eden Hotel was one putting the city of Derby at the bottom of the league table of UK cities exporting to the EU. What is good about that, I hear you say?  Well it suggests the impact of Brexit on Derby will be somewhat limited. The use of this stat as a marketing tool for the city is pure genius!

“We then hot-footed across Cannes to the Palais for a panel discussion on Emerging Trends in Real Estate, hosted by the Urban Land Institute and PwC. We heard that Europe’s Real Estate leaders remain optimistic about their business prospects in 2019, albeit a little less confident than they were a year ago, as an air of late-cycle caution settles on the industry.

“Following coffee and a catch-up with members of Kings Chambers, it was time to head over to the Midlands Pavilion to hear about Birmingham City Council and Lendlease’s plans for the redevelopment of Smithfield for a new market area, Public Square, 2,000 new homes and a public park.  The scheme will incorporate the River Rae – currently in culvert – to transform the place into a waterside development – with other regeneration schemes right across the city, these are exciting times for Birmingham.

Lunch with Landmark Chambers was followed by a meeting for myself and Alex Smith with John Forkin and Katie Delve of Marketing Derby to dig down into some of the detail of the development and investment opportunities for Derby and Derbyshire. A particular need for new Grade A office accommodation in the city was identified as a priority, and – on the back of the recently approved Landmark scheme – further PRS opportunities.

“The formalities of the day ended at a drinks reception hosted by Savills, at which I met up with Sarah Daly of the Housing Delivery Consortium with whom we are currently exploring opportunities to deliver mixed use schemes including social housing, and key worker accommodation on publicly owned land including surplus land held by local authorities and NHS Trusts… and I haven’t even started to mention the ‘chance’ meetings which make MIPIM such a worthwhile event to attend.

“That’s it from me for now.  It is back to the UK tomorrow lunchtime for Brendan Walsh and I, but Alex Smith will be out here for another day and will no doubt report further before he leaves.”


As the sun sets over the Croisette, Simon Robinson reflects on his two days at MIPIM as he heads back to the airport. He shares his insights below:

“Yet again MIPIM has provided us with a full and varied timetable of events and meetings. So much of the value of this event is catching up with contacts and clients – enabling us to get a handle on future projects, growth areas, pinch points and projections. For me, day two was peppered with many of these invaluable conversations.

“The day began with breakfast with Magnus Collard from BTP Group who, as project managers and quantity surveyors for prestigious Mayfair and luxury developments, have an excellent feel for where developers are positioning themselves. Magnus believes that within the next two to four years there will be another rise in the west end market.

“We all agreed that currently, we are in the commercial equivalent of treading water. However, upon being joined by other BTP partners and Nicholas Stuttard of London Projects, the summary was that the UK property market, especially in growth towns and established city markets, has always worked itself out of dips and this will be no different. Certainly, we have all had notice of pending projects, acquisitions and sales – it’s a question of ‘if’ rather than ‘when’.

“Whilst MIPIM can be a bubble, our work flows must go on and, as many clients are in Cannes, some meetings featured discussions on ongoing projects, which echoed BTPs position that the medium-term prognosis is good and that now is the time to buy.

“MIPIM 2019 (30th year) is complete for this correspondent, however I have already received initial offers for events next year – whether the UK will be in/out of the EU remains to be seen.”


The next member of the Shakespeare Martineau delegation is our head of construction, Alex Smith, who is flying the firm’s flag on the this day of MIPIM. With a packed diary, he comments on the events of day two below:

“An early start on day two as I travelled into Cannes for the Derby Embassy presentation and networking. I took the opportunity to catch up with contacts at Faithful + Gould and Edward Cooper Young before hearing that ‘Innovation’ is the key to developing Derby, whether by the University or private developers and investors. This was quickly followed by introductions to barristers at Kings Chambers who’ll be referred to colleagues in our litigation teams when returning home.

“Lincolnshire sausage was then order of the day at the Team Lincolnshire brunch before returning to the bunker for a debate on alternative residential accommodation and the need for diversification. This was followed by a presentation from Councillor Jon Collins on Nottingham’s ambitious Southside development plans. A meeting with Marketing Derby and then a presentation on Regeneration through Sport featuring the CEO of Nottingham Forest FC brought the day’s formalities to a close, but this is not the end as this is followed by dinner with friends at Faithful + Gould and new contacts at U+I, HNW and Godwin Group!”


Last but not least, Brendan Walsh checks in with his summary of a packed two days at MIPIM 2019:

“Sea, sun and sand are not things you would normally associate with the East Midlands, other than today at MIPIM.

“Having attended the Derby breakfast presentation, Nottingham afternoon reception and the Invest in Leicester dinner, I was left in no doubt as to the strength of the regions offering.

“Derbyshire’s presentation focused on the development of the St Peters area, creating the link between the cathedral and retail district . Conversations also focuses on the city’s global reputation for manufacturing and technology through the likes of Rolls Royce, Bambardier, Toyota,  and the development of Infinity Park.

“The buzz at the Nottingham reception was about Intu finally placing the contract for the redevelopment of the Broadmarsh as a leisure destination, the inward investment of HMRC, the commencement of the first new build city centre offices for over a decade, as well as the rise and rise of ‘build to rent’ schemes.

“Whilst some cities primary concern at the moment is their relationship with Europe, Leicester is setting its sights further afield. At the dinner the city’s intent to be known as ‘space city’, with the development of the hub around the Space science centre.

“Overall a very upbeat and positive message, each city and county clearly has its own identity and strengths adding to the vision of a diverse and attractive region for inward investment – even with the lack of sea and sand!

Come back tomorrow for the last update from our team at MIPIM 2019!