5 tips for surviving the festive season
with a wearisome ex-spouse

5 tips for surviving the festive season with a wearisome ex-spouse

Published: 26th November 2021
Area: For the individual
Author(s): Stephanie Kyriacou ,

The Christmas holidays can be hard for parents who are going through a divorce or who have recently separated, and for some, it may be the first year they are not spending Christmas day with their children.

Here are some top tips to hopefully make this difficult time a little easier:

Try and agree the arrangements for the children in advance – this will reduce the chances of an argument in front of the children on Christmas Day when handover or collection times can’t be agreed upon.

Don’t have a ‘present competition’ – share the children’s Christmas list with the ex-partner and agree who will buy what. It’s never a good idea to try and “out-present” the other parent. This will only lead to more arguments and could end up causing the children a significant amount of distress.

Do not bring the children into an adult dispute – children don’t want to hear their parents speaking in a derogatory manner about each other. It’s really important for parents not to criticise or argue with each other in front of the children, if at all possible.

Let the children take presents from one home to another – insisting that the children can only play with their toys at one home will only serve to highlight the parental conflict to them.

Suggest an alternating the years – switching every year who gets to spend time with the children could be a good way of minimising arguments. If children aren’t coming on Christmas Day this year, why not celebrate on a different day and still do all the traditional festive activities that they love? They will certainly not complain about celebrating Christmas twice – double the presents and double the pigs in blankets!

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