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Thursday 29 March 2024 | 09:30 - 10:00

Is it time to shift the narrative from what charities can learn from business, to what businesses can glean from them?

Charities are becoming powerful allies in helping businesses communicate purpose, fostering meaningful connections with employees.   This thought-provoking discussion explores the blend of philanthropy and business, and questions whether philanthropy is merely a trendy buzzword, or does it signify a profound shift in societal values?

Catherine Rustomji, Partner and Head of Charities is in conversation with Sharon Davies – CEO of Young Enterprise, Chris Bird – CEO of Raheem Stirling Foundation and Joanna Bonnett – Founder of Green Jobs Foundation.

Key Topics Covered
  • Is philanthropy is the latest buzzword or something new?

  • Where are the demarcation lines between charity and business?

  • How can charities help businesses to communicate their purpose – and boost connections with their employees?

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Charities and senior business leaders

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