A University client

A University client

We represented a University and 14 named respondents in complex discrimination, whistleblowing and constructive dismissal proceedings brought by a former employee.

The allegations were of a highly inflammatory nature and named respondents included the Vice Chancellor; the Registrar; and the Director of Human Resources.

We managed the case in its entirety due to its highly sensitive nature. We adopted an innovative approach to defending the claim including encouraging the university to undertake some forensic investigations into the allegation that discriminatory language had been used to describe the claimant in amendments to the university website. We ascertained beyond reasonable doubt that the discriminatory posts were posted by the claimant and used this to get the claimant to withdraw their claim and put them on a costs warning. We were successful in securing a strike out of the claimant’s claim and securing a costs award of £20,000 (the amount sought). We also secured a highly favourable judgment concluding the claimant had been dishonest.

We were able to demonstrate our innovative approach in this case by offering our witness familiarisation training programme.

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