Helping employees to switch off

Helping employees to switch off

Some businesses have introduced policies to help their employees to separate work from home. However, research carried out by the University of Sussex has found that stopping people from checking emails can lead to an increase in stress if it means targets aren’t achieved.

Rhys Wyborn, partner in our employment team, explores what companies can do to stop employees feeling overly pressured to log on.

‘Right to disconnect’ law

2017 saw the introduction of a ‘right to disconnect’ law in France. It banned people from working outside of their contracted hours, allowing them to relax without worrying about unanswered emails. The success of the law in France may lead to it being introduced in other countries; however, it must be done in a way that doesn’t negatively impact productivity or customer service.

Could ‘right to disconnect’ work in the UK?

For a total ban to succeed, it needs to become part of UK law, with every business taking part. Should only certain organisations adopt the policy, further complications could occur. It can be difficult to work within a confined set of hours and sometimes urgent emails must be dealt with straightaway, no matter the time. If not, client and customer service could be impacted negatively.

Other approaches

Although some UK businesses have brought in similar bans to France, most companies have taken a less prescriptive approach. Agile working has become fairly commonplace among UK businesses, letting people work whenever and wherever suits them best. Mental health programmes have also been introduced to offer support to employees who feel under pressure.

Providing physical measures such as break-out areas are another option. They are an ideal way to encourage employees to step away from their screens and ‘disconnect’ throughout the day.

Most importantly, workers must understand exactly what is expected from them. Unless it is written in their contract, which is unlikely, there is no rule that states employees must check emails 24/7. Maintaining a good work-life-balance is essential for people’s mental health and for productivity. By creating transparent email guidelines and offering support to workers, employers can keep their workforce happy and healthy, which is the most important thing.

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