Family Mediation

Divorce is a difficult process, with competing demands, high emotions and often a lack of clarity on the right approach for you.

Our team of experienced and professional family lawyers will work with you to explore all options, and give you the guidance you need. Mediation is a legal process which helps families talk and is often a way to move forward.

Every family is different and this is your family and your life, mediation aims to help you find the right answer for you.

Mediation is a way for us to have everyone around the table, check whether solutions will work for your family in the long term, and provide the legal advice needed. Importantly, mediation helps you reach your own solutions, knowing what’s important for your family’s future.

We’re able to mediate complex cases involving finances, to settle arrangements for children, or both Often agreements reached directly within mediation can have greater value, in terms of their long term success, as well as being a highly cost effective way of resolving matters. Importantly, agreements reached in Mediation may take a matter of weeks as opposed to months, when compared to resolving issues in court proceedings.

We have the expertise to advise, assist and guide you through the process of mediation.

Meet the Team

We’re passionate about providing the right solutions and driven to make a positive difference in everything we do.

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Jon Saltinstall, Senior HealthCare Banking Consultant, Lloyds Bank