In a world where the internet and being online plays a central role in reaching out to others, it is very important to look after your own presence as well as to police the activities of others.

We are very experienced in advising businesses on proposed advertising in order to reduce the risk of complaints when it goes live, taking into account the rules on different types of advertising across a range of sectors.

Whether you are looking to advertise on television, your own website or a social media platform, we can help you. We have also worked with clients and media agencies in relation to the CAP and BCAP codes.

There is also an ever-increasing use of Intellectual Property within advertising in order to gain a competitive advantage. Fair competition is permitted and we regularly advise on the parameters of referring to competitors and when this might become unfair. This cuts across trade mark and copyright legislation as well as the unfair commercial practices legislation monitored by the Advertising Standards Agency and Trading Standards.

We are able to provide effective advice that takes into account the multiple layers of legislation and codes, whether you are intending to advertise or if you have received a complaint regarding your own advertising. Similarly, if you want to take issue with a third party’s advertising, we can guide you through the various options available.

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