Investment Funds

The investment funds sector has seen substantial changes over the last decade. From increased regulation and tax changes to investor appetite and global market influences, the landscape continues to evolve and is likely to continues at a fast pace. Investment funds, managers, investors and the companies they support need advisors who will help them manoeuvre through this complex and changing environment. That’s where we come in.

Investment funds have been a long standing chosen sector of the firm. We’re focused on ensuring we’re at the forefront of developments in the market, and best placed to make a positive difference to our clients.

Our investment funds team is made up of the legal advisers you need, all with specialist knowledge and interest in the sector. We see our clients as collaborators. Using this depth of expertise and interest, we’ll provide bespoke, tailored solutions, often working from an initial concept or developing new products. Our relationship with HMT, HMRC and the FCA, and our involvement with other regulatory bodies, networks and industry associations, enables us to have your interests at heart and help drive future developments.

Our unrivalled understanding of the legal and regulatory issues affecting the sector, coupled with market experience and commercial approach, means our team are ready to add value to your business, objectives and ambitions.

We make transactions happen.

Meet the Team

We’re passionate about providing the right solutions and driven to make a positive difference in everything we do.

What our people say...

"We offer solution driven advice to help clients effectively and practically apply the law in a cost and time efficient way, ensuring that our clients are able to achieve their commercial goals."