Smart travel with ArrivaClick

Smart travel with ArrivaClick

Our client is committed to developing sustainable travel options for the vibrant new town taking shape at New Lubbesthorpe. Under section 106 planning obligations, it opted to explore demand responsive travel solutions to benefit both passengers and the environment. The result is a partnership with Arriva to provide ArrivaClick, a flexible corner-to-corner minibus service that takes multiple passengers all heading in the same direction.

We’ve worked collaboratively with Arriva’s legal team to complete a bespoke agreement between our client and Arriva for New Lubbesthorpe, to cover aspects such as timescales, service features, route coverage and pricing. By applying our commercial experience and detailed understanding of our client’s vision, we’ve helped to ensure the service becomes as sustainable as the growing community it serves.

Powered by sophisticated technology, ArrivaClick combines the cost effectiveness of bus travel with the convenience of personalised transit. There are no fixed routes, with journeys determined by where passengers want to go. Rides are booked and tracked on an app, for a seat in a smart minibus with wifi and charging points.

New Lubbesthorpe is the first new settlement to offer ArrivaClick. It is also the first time a section 106 agreement has funded digitised Demand Responsive Transport (DRT). Launched in April 2019, this Leicester service is driving forward the innovative concept by supplementing the successful track record of schemes running in Liverpool and Sittingbourne.

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