General Dynamics Information Technology

General Dynamics Information Technology

We advised the client in defending a complex constructive dismissal claim brought by an employee who resigned when faced with a disciplinary investigation.

The claimant chose to represent herself throughout this matter, which complicated matters, as she did not fully understand the process, and she tried to introduce a significant number of documents going back over a number of years that were irrelevant to her claim. We had to work closely with witnesses to manage the plethora of requests for documents from the claimant. In addition, it was necessary to warn the claimant about defamatory remarks that she had made to our client’s customers, which could have resulted in damage to our client’s reputation.

We utilised our colleagues’ expertise to effectively warn the Claimant to cease the defamatory correspondence whilst carefully moving through the Tribunal process, so as not to inflame matters or appear to be oppressive in any way to a litigant in person.

The claimant, in this case, would not consider withdrawing her claim and insisted on taking matters to a final hearing. However, her claim was dismissed in its entirety following the conclusion of the two-day hearing and the reserved judgement from the Tribunal.

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