Preventing Illegal Working

The Government is getting tough on employers who continue to flout the law and employ illegal migrants. If you thought this solely applied to unscrupulous employers, you would be wrong.

With enforcement at the forefront of the agenda to reduce net immigration, businesses are being scrutinised with unannounced compliance visits and raids are a regular occurrence. The level of fines can have a significant impact on any business found to be in breach and can cause serious reputational damage.

In addition to financial penalties, recent changes extended criminal liability to the employing organisation, putting both directors as well as illegal workers at risk.

It underlines the importance for businesses to do pre-employment right to work checks on each and every employee to be able to prove their immigration status. This is particularly important in the cleaning, care, hospitality and construction sectors, as these are areas of particular focus for the Government.

We help organisations of varying sizes and different industries to comply with their obligations around employees’ right to work in the UK. We can also assist following the discovery of any illegal workers to guide you through civil penalties issued by the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) and internal dismissal procedures.

Our immigration audit service draws on our comprehensive experience in helping our clients prevent illegal working and so safeguard their business. We can help address the particular difficulties you face in identifying any risky practices and in designing and maintaining robust compliance solutions and processes.

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