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Our team of expert care solicitors offer specialist advice in relation to a wide range of care issues.

Expert care solicitors

If you are trying to navigate the care system or Court of Protection and don’t know where to turn for help, our team of specialist care solicitors are on hand to provide clear advice and support when you need it.

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How Our Long-Term & Elderly Care Experts Can Help

Paying For Care

Whether you are planning for the future or are facing an immediate need for urgent care, the first question people usually ask is “how am I going to pay for my care?”. There are several options dependent on your individual circumstances and we can help you decide which option best suits your needs and protects your finances in the future.


Caring for vulnerable individuals means putting in place the protective measures to ensure their needs are met and they are not at risk of abuse, be it physical, psychological or financial abuse.

If your loved one has suffered an injury that has left them incapacitated or been diagnosed with a mental condition that prevents them from looking after themselves and managing their own affairs, your priority will be to protect their right to live safely and to promote their wellbeing.

Care Disputes

We often help people resolve issues with their local authority in relation to decisions that have been made about someone’s care, including challenging NHS Continuing Health Care Funding and best interest decisions.

We also assist appointed deputies in making a range of Court of Protection applications for permission to make specific decisions, which can often be difficult and sensitive.

Future Planning

If you are considering putting plans in place to secure your future care needs, we can help you with making a will, registering a lasting power of attorney or making an advance decision. We also provide advice in relation to making gifts to protect your assets.


Long Term & Elderly Care Review

£495.00 + VAT

Individual review – 1-hour review meeting with a specialist care solicitor who will listen to your individual circumstances and provide advice and guidance on next steps for the following:

• Paying for care • Asset protection • Safeguarding • Care disputes
• Crisis management • Future planning

Why Choose Us?

With detailed knowledge of the care system and years of experience, we are able to provide vital insight and tailored solutions.
Our connections to other care industry professionals such as social workers, GPs, financial advisors and care providers enable us to offer a wraparound service and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.
We offer a discovery consultation with one of our specialist care solicitors, which will provide you with the opportunity to explain your situation and concerns and find out what your options are.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Long-Term & Elderly Care Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a primary health need, the cost of care should be paid for entirely by the NHS. In many cases this should be considered first and you should seek advice about it. Please ask us for our information sheet about this. There are other situations where you do not have to pay for your care including intermediate care, aftercare services and, if you have previously been detained in hospital under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act 1983 for treatment, your residential care may be provided as aftercare under Section 117 of that act.

If your care needs are ancillary or incidental to the need for accommodation, you will need to fund the cost of your care if your capital is over the financial threshold. Your capital includes things such as savings, pensions and investments.

Certain income is disregarded including 50% of your occupational or personal pension providing you pass the other 50% to your spouse or civil partner, if they are not living in the same home. You must be left with a certain amount.

You may be entitled to help such as Attendance Allowance. In addition, the NHS may pay a contribution towards the nursing care provided by a registered nurse, where you receive care in a nursing home.

If you do not have sufficient resources and you are assessed as needing to be cared for in a care home, you will receive help from the social services department of your local authority. Please note that social services only pay up to a “standard” amount and often there is a shortfall and families may be asked to pay. This should be resisted while legal advice is taken.

Your ability to pay for care fees will be calculated through a means-test. Your home will not be included as part of this if you:

  • receive care and support at home; or
  • go into a care home on a short-term or temporary basis.

If you move into a care home on a permanent basis, your home will also not be included in certain circumstances, such as if your partner still lives there, or it is occupied by a relative who is aged over 60, a child of yours aged under 18, or a relative who is disabled.

Any capital or income belonging to your spouse or partner cannot be taken into account in your financial assessment, as each person must be treated individually. Therefore, they cannot be expected to pay towards your care. However, if your spouse or partner receives benefits in respect of both of you, the local authority can take an appropriate amount of that income into account when carrying out your means-test.

There are a number of things you can do to prepare for any long-term care needs, including reviewing your will, considering jointly owned savings and personal tax planning, reviewing the ownership of your home, making lasting powers of attorney and considering an advance decision.

How The Long-Term & Elderly Care Process Works

Not everyone is aware of how the process of engaging Long-Term & Elderly Care solicitors works, so we’ve provided an overview below to give you some peace of mind
  1. The first stage is to get in touch with us using the button below – you will then be assigned to one of our Long-Term & Elderly Care specialists. Alternatively, you can reach us on 0330 024 0333.

  2. You’ll then receive a free 15-minute consultation within 24 hours via Zoom or telephone to discuss the issues you’re facing.

  3. You are then provided with a transparent breakdown of our costs and, if you would like to proceed, we send you a pack of onboarding documents

  4. Following this, we will guide and support you through the process of achieving a resolution that works for you and your family.

Our Other Long-Term & Elderly Care Services


Dealing with the practical, legal and emotional process of a relationship breakdown is difficult and stressful enough as it is, without the added complexity of a pandemic. From family court hearings to financial divorce settlements and maintaining child arrangements, we can help you. Whatever the situation.

Care Disputes

If you are unhappy with a decision made by a local authority or NHS in relation to care for you or a loved one, our team of specialist care dispute solicitors can help.

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