Product Liability Claims

Manufactured products are sadly often defective. For the end user, this can cause injury and illness, and in some cases, fatality.

Legal remedies are available to those who have suffered injury of whatever nature due to defective products under the Consumer Protection Act and such claims, which are often complex, require specialist advice and assistance. If you have a potential claim in this area, we have the range of expertise and experience within our team that will ensure that your claim can be assessed quickly and brought to a successful conclusion.

Our team whole-heartedly believe in their ability and the strong working relationships built with specialist independent expert witnesses and barristers highly practised in this area of the law. We ensure that your claim is not only pursued vigorously and as quickly as possible but on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. We understand that many of these claims can involve detailed assessment of personal health issues, and accordingly our team ensures that such claims are dealt with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

Our team has assisted clients in defective pharmaceutical drug claims, claims involving defective electrical goods, fireworks and machinery; defective medical products, including ‘Metal on Metal’ Hip replacement implants and ‘Mesh’ tape products.

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