Property Disputes

If there’s a property dispute, we’ve got the resolution
The new Commercial Rent Arrears bill received Royal Assent on 24 March 2022. Find out more about what this means for Landlords & Tenants.

Disputes and disagreements are a fact of commercial life when owning or occupying property. But needless cost and aggravation are not.

Diffusing conflict requires professionalism, sensitivity and creativity – qualities stamped all over the approach taken by our property litigation experts. With an eye on preserving relationships and investment values, we’ll help you weigh up the risks and rewards – and push for the result that makes good business sense.

Our property litigation expertise

  • We’re known as skilled and confident litigators for all types of real estate disputes, including complex court and high value tribunal cases. We’re also great negotiators, experienced in mediations, arbitrations and other dispute resolution alternatives
  • Our extensive national and international client list comprises businesses and individuals, including landowners, developers, housebuilders, banks and building societies, family-owned businesses, major retailers, and corporate occupiers
  • Higher education, telecoms and energy markets are a specialty, as well as agricultural property disputes

Whether you’re an owner or occupier facing a straightforward dispute or a ground-breaking substantial matter, we can help you manage and resolve things quickly and efficiently.

Property development disputes

We resolve pre-construction disputes, often for developers and funders, over any contentious issue such as development or land management agreements, trespass of air space, right to light, utility cabling, and contractual rights.

Property management disputes

We handle all types of commercial disputes including about repairs, insolvency, restrictive covenants, and rights over land; as well as matters like rent review arbitration, ending and renewing leases, and making repossession claims against telecom operators.
We push the boundaries in other ways too, advising on property protection from trespass and unlawful occupation and the business continuity and reputational risks posed by protest groups.

Rent Dispute Resolution

With commercial rent arrears on the rise, we work with landlords and tenants to help resolve commercial rent disputes across a range of sectors.

Read more about our rent dispute resolution

How we work with you
In this fast changing area of law, there’s no manual – and no time for stuffy legal remarks with no commercial impact. We apply clear thinking and inventiveness to cut through the issues and rapidly deliver practical resolutions.

Our approach
Success means different things in different situations. So we make it our business to get to know what’s important to you: knockout court action or something more conciliatory. We’ll guide you to anticipate and avoid complications. And if litigation is unavoidable, we use all of our experience to vigorously defend your corner.

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Rent Dispute Resolution

It’s no secret that commercial rent arrears have surged throughout the last 12 months, and with the Government’s Code of Practice for Commercial Property Relationships published in June 2020, it’s important for both commercial landlords and tenants to be able to negotiate agreements for the future.



When commercial disputes arise, they are often an unwelcome distraction from your day-to-day activities. We have earned a reputation as one of the leading law firms for commercial court cases. In addition to our exemplary track record, there are plenty of other reasons to engage Shakespeare Martineau.