Injunctions & Search Orders

Protecting your business is important and injunctions from the court can be the most effective shield available when faced with an unlawful threat to your business. Injunctions prevent you from suffering serious loss and damage at the hands of a third party.

  Our experience in dealing with all forms of injunctions including obtaining search orders, including enforcing them through the courts to ensure that they are complied with is what will protect your business. Such cases need to be dealt with quickly and commercially and in some cases, urgently without the other side involved, this is the way we always work.

We’ll provide a clear strategy to first protect your business with an injunction and then resolve the case to meet your commercial needs together with transparent advice on costs at each stage of the proceedings.

By using injunctions we can recover confidential information and misappropriated property or protect your customers and business interests from unlawful interference.

We are regularly instructed to represent clients in court proceedings to obtain injunctions to protect business interests. We understand their importance, the benefits and are readily available to assist our clients when required.

Our team has an excellent reputation for specialising in cases with an injunctive element and is subject to special judicial recognition for their experience and reputation in this field. Alongside the ability to effectively manage and control costs to prevent cases developing into expensive and time-consuming exercises, we work to be your shield.

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