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In an increasingly international business world, many organisations need and expect to recruit people from outside the UK and Europe. Immigration law and requirements change frequently. Alongside this, and within a policy and regulatory setting focused on enforcement, the consequences of noncompliance are increasingly costly for employers.

Hiring non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals is often essential when recruiting for niche positions where there is a skills shortage. Individuals are also often keen to come to the UK to work, set up a business or study.

At the same time, Government policy has shifted away from liberalisation to tightened restrictions and compliance. Immigration law is increasingly complex, and it remains to be seen where the line will be drawn post-Brexit.

Dealing with immigration applications and compliance is a sensitive area, and can be especially time consuming and perplexing for the uninitiated. There are also some severe pitfalls.

Whether you require immigration assistance as an individual or as a large or small organisation, our specialist immigration lawyers can help you cut through the intricacies of the UK system. We aim to simplify the process with tailored solutions which expedite progress, while taking a compliant and realistic approach.

Our broad experience includes managing immigration sponsorship licences and right to work compliance for UK employers and education providers. We regularly advise individuals looking to invest in the UK or establish a UK-based business.

Our specialist immigration lawyers can provide training for your HR professionals and managers, designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to ensure your organisation’s immigration practices are robust and compliant – and how to make improvements where needed. We can also undertake an immigration audit to pinpoint your training needs and work directly with you to identify key issues of importance to your business and tailor the training accordingly.

With a multidisciplinary approach, which includes corporate and tax law expertise, we can offer comprehensive help with other issues related to the global movement of people.

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