Restructuring & Redundancy

Most organisations undergo staffing restructures from time to time.

We work with boards, senior management teams and HR departments at a range of organisations including, universities and colleges, manufacturing businesses, professional services partnerships and many others to ensure that staffing changes are made effectively and efficiently. We regularly advise clients in circumstances where there are collective consultation obligations, steering them through the numerous legal obligations and past the potential pitfalls to a successful conclusion.

We assist in the negotiation of fresh contracts of employment, in the planning and execution of redundancy exercises and in the closure of sites, including the movement of staff.

Restructuring and redundancy infographic

We regularly advise on redundancy exercises including the criteria used for selection, the provision of scripts for managers and on written correspondence with staff and trade unions.

Through our membership of the international legal network, Multilaw, we are well equipped to source lawyers in other jurisdictions where global restructuring is taking place. We can aid due diligence exercises and assist with risk assessments at each stage, taking the pressure off you. In offering redundancy and restructuring support we will give you as much cost certainty as we can and offer a number of fixed fee packages for major restructures.

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"They are very professional, respond promptly, always discuss the monthly bill and have, so far, provided us with excellent advice in connection with employment issues. I have been very satisfied."

Andrew Argyle LLB, Practice Director, Potter Clarkson LLP