Shareholder Agreements & Joint Ventures

Taking on a business venture is a daunting prospect to do alone, but when working in joint ventures or under shareholder status, clarifying roles and responsibilities within the business is the best way to achieve objectives and ensure a smooth working partnership.

Our expertise includes:

Identification of roles, responsibilities and the demarcation of roles

Mechanisms to ‘extract’ one party in the event of ‘falling out’

Shareholder agreements between family members or groups of families

Shareholder agreements to regulate responsibilities between existing shareholders where uncertainty has arisen or succession has led to the next generation being put in charge

Shareholder and joint venture agreements involving international collaboration or investment

Sharing of intellectual property or other rights

Transfer of business activities or assets into new joint venture companies

We help you to focus on the operational aspects of a business – who should do what, to what extent do you need to document the commercial and practical running of the business?

Ensuring your foundations are solid enough to promote growth in the immediate future is essential, but scenario planning for unforeseen circumstance is often overlooked. If a shareholder or joint venture partner chooses to leave, you will need to take appropriate action to safeguard the business and we can help to map out solutions to a variety of potential obstacles.

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Roger Crosse, Managing Director, POS Direct Ltd