Dawn Raids

A dawn raid is an unannounced visit from the authorities that can shut down your business until investigators have extracted the material that they’re looking for. Such situations are not only frightening and stressful, but require an appropriate, proportionate response, even when your business is blameless.

A dawn raid entitles an investigating authority to attend your business premises (including multiple sites) and home addresses to search for paper and electronically-stored business records that support the alleged wrongdoing under investigation. Employees may also be subject to questioning.       

Do you have a procedure to deal with dawn raids?
Our lawyers will advise you on the drafting and implementation of a bespoke procedure to review the effectiveness of any existing policy and train key personnel.

Whether the raid is conducted by the Serious Fraud Office (bribery and fraud matters), the Competition and Markets Authority (criminal activities involving the rigging of markets, prices or tenders) or HMRC (tax irregularities), investigators will be accompanied by police officers to force access if necessary and arrest anyone who attempts to obstruct the investigation.

You need experienced, pragmatic lawyers to control the situation and help you balance the powers of the investigators with the interests of your business.

Most importantly, when you need it most, we’ll be available immediately to assist in co-ordinating your response to an ongoing raid and attend on site to manage things on the ground.

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