Healthcare is undergoing rapid and significant change. Improved care and prevention has dramatically increased life expectancy and new treatments are increasing people’s wellbeing.

This progress has led to daunting economic and political challenges. The sector is experiencing an unparalleled squeeze on public funding, heightened by the burden of an ageing population, chronic health conditions and staff shortages. Regulatory scrutiny is ever increasing. There are pressures too from reforms to integrate housing, health and social care and to privatise the NHS by slow release. But this shifting environment also brings exciting opportunities. Huge potential lies in new integrated forms of delivery using pooled budgets, together with pioneering initiatives and innovative locallymanaged services.

In such a complex and changing sector, you need a specialist you can count on. Our team has amassed the insight and robust expertise to deliver practical solutions designed for the prosperity and protection of your healthcare business. With our help, you will be able to respond to change, anticipate developments and be ready to grasp the opportunities within this dynamic sector.

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28 July 2017
In May we reported on the Employment Appeal Tribunal decision that where a care worker was doing time/salaried work, even if they are asleep, they are working. read

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