Green Energy

Powering your net zero future​

With recent government announcements revealing the UK’s roadmap to net zero 2050, sustainable living and green energy is now under the spotlight more than ever before

The UK published its Energy White Paper in December 2020, triggering a Green Revolution in the UK. Our renewable energy specialists are here to guide you through so you and your business can achieve the net zero target by 2050.

Our team of green energy experts work with a broad range of clients to pioneer clean and low carbon energy solutions. Whether you’re building new houses, improving your green credentials or building green technologies, we’re here to help power you towards net zero…​

"We work with clients as they pioneer clean energy projects and navigate the ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape in the context of their commercial concerns and objectives."

Our renewable energy experts are proud to be at the forefront of the green energy revolution, we advise in six key areas:

Renewable Power & Green Fuels​
  • Onshore wind

  • Solar PV (with battery)

  • Biomass and hydro projects

  • Asset optimisation

  • Operation & maintenance

  • Power purchase & sales

  • Electricity supply

  • Hydrogen production and supply

  • Green Gas production and supply

Smart Energy Systems
  • Smart metering infrastructure and services

  • Digital platforms that ‘talk to’ the grid inc, running smart appliances, selling excess power in batteries and vehicles back to the grid, turning down power demand during peak hours

  • Local energy clubs where renewable generation is matched with local customer demand

  • Data and privacy issues

Green Transport
  • Electric vehicles

  • Charging infrastructure

  • Asset leasing

  • Vehicle to Grid

Electricity​ Networks
  • Grid connection

  • Transmission networks

  • Distribution networks

  • Energy policy changes

  • Heat networks regulation

  • Electricity regulation

  • Renewable incentive schemes

  • Green gas support schemes

  • EV regulation

Heat Networks
  • District heating networks

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We’re proud to work with major networks, suppliers and green energy pioneers


Our energy experts will work with you as an extension of your team and can advise in key sectors

Green Homes

The recent Energy White Paper sets a clear objective that buildings must become more energy-efficient and move away from fossil fuel heating. The paper states that by 2025, no new homes will be built with fossil fuel heating.

Against this backdrop, it is clear that fundamental change in the sustainability of housing in the UK is imminent. Now is the time for house builders/ Registered Providers to take start taking action and begin their journey towards a greener future now.

Our team of energy experts are proud to be at the forefront of this green housing revolution, working with a broad range of clients to pioneer clean and low carbon energy solutions.

Whether you’re building new houses or improving the green credentials of your existing stock, we’re here to help power you towards net zero…​

Green Campus

Universities and colleges are ideally placed to lead the way in humankind’s fight to mitigate the effects of climate change through their research, teaching and skills work. Their students and staff also increasingly expect them to show the same leadership in their wider institutional strategies, of which their estates form a significant part. ​

Recent Government policy statements, such as the Energy White Paper and the Future Buildings Standard, indicate a greater shift towards eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from domestic and non-domestic buildings and the transport sector in order to meet the UK’s legally binding net zero target by 2050. ​

We believe that now is the perfect time for universities and colleges to revisit their estates' strategies to ensure they are capitalising on all the available options to accelerate their journey to net zero.

Our education and energy specialists will work with you in partnership to achieve this important goal.

building net zero homes
Building net zero homes

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Recent government announcements have revealed the UK’s roadmap to net-zero 2050, putting sustainable housing under the spotlight more than ever before.

Our building net zero homes checklist looks at the steps you need to consider at each stage of a new development. Download the checklist today and receive a free initial consultation from our green energy experts.

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