Recovering rent from non-paying commercial tenants

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Thursday 24 March, 08:30 – 09:30

New measures will be introduced from March which will have an impact on landlords, many of whom have already been left thousands of pounds out of pocket due commercial rent arrears arising during the pandemic.

While more commercial tenants are now paying rent, many still have arrears dating back to the beginning of the national lockdown period in March 2020. From 25 March 2022, the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill will establish a legally-binding arbitration process for landlords and tenants to settle outstanding debts.

In our panel discussion, we looked at the impact of the new legislation, including how landlords can deal with non-paying tenants and maximise recovery moving forward. We’ll also explore how the market is looking, including whether the recent spate of CVAs and restructuring plans have given tenants too much power to get out of unprofitable leases.

We will also discuss:

  • How are landlords dealing with rent arrears? Are they drawing down from rent deposits or pursuing guarantors?

  • Does the new legislation require disputes to be referred to arbitration, or will landlords still be able to use legal and insolvency proceedings to recover the arrears owed or terminate a tenant’s lease?

  • How are landlords persuading tenants to take-up space? Are landlords finding that they are having to give more incentives or are lease assignments more prevalent to other businesses thriving as we emerge from the pandemic?

  • How is the rental outlook and market generally? Is the market tenant-friendly and has the rise of CVAs had an impact on this?

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Guest Speaker

Niall Cassidy, Director
Colliers International Property Advisers

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