Grandparents rights: when there is a family dispute involving grandchildren

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Friday 1 October 2021, 09:30 – 10:00 BST

In our fast moving world, the importance of family is anchored, but the concept of “family” is an evolving one – moving faster than the law, in many cases.

Relationships don’t always go smoothly and when they break down access to seeing grandchildren can become difficult. If direct negotiation and mediation don’t work what are your next options, what are the legal processes you could follow?

The first of our series of three family webinars will align to Grandparents Day on 3 October. Our experts talked through a case study focussing on a split family, where the relationship with their biological child has broken down beyond repair and gaining access to grandchildren has become difficult.

  • What rights do grandparents have and what are the legal processes you could follow

  • What assets and financial agreements regarding the marital home from buying out options, financial charges and restrictions to what would need to be in place to secure a sole mortgage

  • What could happen if the relationship with an "in law" also breaks down

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