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Our team of seasoned professionals is adept at facilitating the conveyancing process, ensuring a smooth experience for clients engaged in purchasing a house. Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to expand your property portfolio, our property solicitors are well-equipped to provide expert support throughout the buying journey.

Our Lincoln property solicitors have expertise in all types of residential property transactions

Securing a house is undeniably the most significant investment you’ll undertake in your lifetime. As a first-time buyer or someone expanding their property portfolio, our dedicated team of property solicitors is here to provide unwavering support throughout the entire process.

From the exciting moment your offer is accepted to the eagerly anticipated completion day, our seasoned team is by your side, ensuring a seamless journey. We understand the importance of efficiency, aiming to expedite the process so you can swiftly acquire the keys to your new home. Trust us to be your steadfast partners in this milestone, offering guidance and expertise tailored to the needs of first-time buyers like yourself.

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How Our Property Conveyancing Experts in Lincoln Can Help

Legal Documentation

We will take care of drafting and reviewing all the legal documentation and contracts for the purchase of your new home.

Sale And Purchase

If you’re selling and purchasing a property at the same time, we can take care of both transactions.

Cohabitation Agreements

We’re able to advise you on all the legal implications of cohabiting, as well as mediating and arranging agreements that provide security for both partners. Find out more about how our family solicitors can help draft a cohabitation agreement for you.

Liaising With Interested Parties

We will be the point of communication with your seller’s solicitors and estate agents, your mortgage provider, HM Land Registry, and any other relevant interested parties.

Handling Transfer Of Funds

Our team will ensure all funds are transferred at the right time so your purchase completes within the timescales agreed.

Tax Advice

We can advise you on your tax obligations, including stamp duty land tax (SDLT), and will handle any payments on your behalf with the HMRC.

Property Conveyancing Frequently Asked Questions

Conveyancing is the essential legal process for transferring ownership of a property. Whether you’re taking your first step onto the property ladder or buying your initial home, property solicitors play a crucial role in ensuring a secure and lawful transfer of property rights. This process involves tasks such as scrutinizing property titles, conducting necessary searches, preparing and reviewing contracts, and managing the secure transfer of funds.

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, it’s common to enlist the services of property solicitors to navigate the intricacies of conveyancing on your behalf. These legal professionals are instrumental in safeguarding your interests, identifying potential issues, and ensuring that the property transfer aligns with UK laws and regulations.

Conveyancing is a pivotal aspect of real estate transactions, providing peace of mind for those entering the property market for the first time. Property solicitors specialize in guiding you through this process, making your journey to homeownership a well-informed and legally sound experience.

A solicitor and a conveyancer are both professionals who can assist you with the legal aspects of buying or selling a property. However, there are some key differences between the two.

A solicitor is a qualified legal professional who can offer a wide range of legal services, including conveyancing. They are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and have completed extensive legal training. In addition to conveyancing, a solicitor can also provide legal advice on other aspects of the property transaction, such as contracts, financing, and disputes.

A conveyancer is a specialist in property law who focuses solely on the legal aspects of buying or selling a property. They are not required to have a legal qualification, but they must be registered with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Conveyancers typically offer a more streamlined and cost-effective service compared to solicitors.

Whether you need a solicitor or a conveyancer will depend on the complexity of your property transaction and your personal preferences. If you require legal advice on other aspects of the transaction, such as financing or disputes, a solicitor may be more appropriate. However, if you are simply looking for a straightforward and cost-effective conveyancing service, a conveyancer may be a better option.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to use a solicitor or a conveyancer will depend on your specific needs and circumstances. It is important to research both options carefully and choose a professional who is qualified, experienced, and reputable.

There are several advantages to using a local solicitor for conveyancing, including:

  1. Local knowledge: A local solicitor may have a better understanding of the local property market, which could be useful when negotiating the sale or purchase of a property.
  2. Face-to-face meetings: If you prefer to meet with your solicitor in person, using a local solicitor can make this easier and more convenient.
  3. Access to local contacts: A local solicitor may have contacts with other professionals in the area, such as surveyors or estate agents, which could be useful during the conveyancing process.
  4. Familiarity with local authorities: A local solicitor may be more familiar with the local authorities and their requirements, which could make the process smoother and more efficient.

How you can speed up the conveyancing process

  1. Choose a reputable and experienced conveyancing solicitor who can handle the transaction efficiently and effectively.

  2. Make sure you have all the necessary documents and information ready and available, including property deeds, building regulations certificates, and planning permission documents.

  3. Respond promptly to any requests or questions from your solicitor, as delays in communication can cause significant delays in the conveyancing process.

  4. Arrange a mortgage in principle before making an offer on a property, as this can help to speed up the mortgage application process.

  5. Consider carrying out a homebuyer survey or property valuation before making an offer, as this can help to identify any potential issues that may cause delays later on.

  6. Be prepared to negotiate on the price and terms of the sale to help speed up the process and avoid any unnecessary delays.

  7. Check the status of the property's title and any relevant searches early on in the process to identify any potential issues that may cause delays later on.

  8. Make sure you have sufficient funds available to cover all necessary fees and expenses, including legal fees, stamp duty land tax, and other costs associated with the conveyancing process.


Timeframes & Costs

When looking for suitable legal support, there are often time constraints and deadlines that are important. This is one of, if not the, most important factor for our residential conveyancing clients. Once you have been assigned a residential conveyancing solicitor you will receive a clear timeline of what you should expect and what our residential property solicitor is working towards.

With our expertise in all conveyancing transactions, we are able to pre warn you of any potential obstacles that may arise, as well as planning ahead to combat these. We will give you an estimated completion date for your conveyancing transaction as early on as possible.

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