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The charity sector faces many pressures and has increasingly come under spotlight in recent times. With fierce competition from rivals, a tougher fundraising environment and the need to improve the transparency of charitable spend, more charities are looking for donations from individuals instead. Charity law covers the rules, regulations and tax implications of establishing and operating charities and not-for-profit organisations. Sitting within the private client team, our charity lawyers focus primarily on those who donate to charities, ensuring that both the donor and the charity itself are able to benefit from the donation as much as possible.

Our charity solicitors can guide you through the process of giving back to a cause you believe in, ensuring that you’re aware of the various tax benefits of donating to a charity in the UK.

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Our Charity Team

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How Our Charity Experts Can Help

Charitable Trusts

We support your activity through the creation and administration of charitable trusts ensures that we can help you to help others. In the process, you can reduce your potential exposure to Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax.


We help you with the ongoing administration process, satisfy compliance needs, prepare annual accounts and devise tailored charitable structures when needed.

Tax-Efficient Donations

Our charity solicitors have extensive experience in advising charities. We can support clients with making tax-efficient donations, offering you unparalleled insight into the laws surrounding charitable donations and tax in the UK.

Why Choose Us?

Our experts take the time to fully understand your generous wishes in our initial consultation, we will ensure that we can advise you on the best way to structure and approach your charitable affairs going forward.
We ensure that your activity benefits exactly who you intend, while supporting you to limit your tax liabilities where possible.
We can also help to maximise the financial contributions received by charities from your donations – leaving more in their pocket, and less subjected to steep tax penalties.

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Charity Frequently Asked Questions

How The Charity Process Works

Not everyone is aware of how the process of engaging Charity solicitors works, so we’ve provided an overview below to give you some peace of mind
  1. The first stage is to get in touch with us using the button below – you will then be assigned to one of our Charity specialists. Alternatively, you can reach us on 0330 024 0333.

  2. You’ll then receive a free 15-minute consultation within 24 hours via Zoom or telephone to discuss the issues you’re facing.

  3. You are then provided with a transparent breakdown of our costs and, if you would like to proceed, we send you a pack of onboarding documents

  4. Following this, we will guide and support you through the process of achieving a resolution that works for you and your family.

Our Other Private Client Services


Establishing a trust is often a sensible way to protect your wealth and maintain its value for the benefit of your loved ones over a long period of time. Our team of specialists will help you decide how to invest your money and benefit your family.

Personal Tax Planning

From drafting your will to advising you how to structure your finances in the most tax efficient way, we aim to be your personal tax partner for life, ensuring we can design a plan that is exactly right for you and your family to protect your personal wealth.

Wherever you are on your journey, our Charity specialists are here to answer any questions you might have

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