Enforcing intellectual property rights on-line

A good website or online presence is a must for many businesses. Attracting and selling to customers using an app is becoming more commonplace, so it’s essential you have the right protections in place for your own business and for your customers. Our solicitors support clients in developing on line trading models and developing terms of business; enforcing intellectual property rights especially trade marks in an online environment.

How Our Internet & On-Line Trading Experts Can Help

We can advise and assist with the preparation of the full suite of website and mobile app-related terms of use, acceptable use policies, privacy policies and cookie policies as well as online terms and conditions of supply for B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms and website and mobile app design, development and hosting arrangements. 


If there is a dispute, we can advise on matters involving unlawful domain name registrations, online infringement of your intellectual property rights, including trade marks and designs and where third parties are passing off their business, products or services.

Unlawful Web Pages & Fictitious Reviews

We can also help you to protect your business by helping to take down unlawful web pages and reputation damaging fictitious online reviews and disputes relating to listings on e-commerce platforms including Amazon and e-bay, for example where product listings are hijacked by third parties.

Online complaints

In addition to pursuing online complaints, we can also assist you where you have received a complaint in relation to your online activities.

Our Internet & On-Line Trading Experts

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Why Choose Us?

Our team has a real depth of experience meaning you will only receive best commercial legal knowledge bespoke to your business
Our client base covers many sectors both nationally and internationally
Our disputes and litigation experience, if required, is highly regarded and recognised as being amongst of the best on offer

Key Projects

Life Sciences/Healthcare Company

Online Policies

We have been advising a life sciences/healthcare company on its revised terms of use, acceptable use policy, GDPR-compliant privacy policy and cookie policy, together with online e-commerce terms for the company’s new website aiming at B2C diabetes healthcare-related market. 

Air Cargo Booking Platform

Web & Mobile App Terms & Conditions

We are advising an air cargo booking platform operator on a full range of terms applicable to its website and mobile app-based platform, both aircraft operator/general sales agent (GSA)-facing and freight forwarder/cargo owner facing. 

Online Retailer

Hijacked Amazon Listing

We have advised an online retailer in connection with hijacked Amazon listings and related trade mark and passing off issues. Proceedings had been commenced in IPEC but the matter was settled with our client securing appropriate undertakings to protect its future business interests, secure the registration of a trade mark, the removal of a competing trademark, withdrawal of Amazon complaints, compensation and costs.

Our Other IP, Technology, Media & Communications Services

Data Privacy & Cyber Security

Our team of lawyers can help you to ensure that your use of data is both compliant and in accordance with current best practice.  Working with our cybersecurity colleagues at CSS Assure we can provide both legal and technical advice on how best to protect your data.

Video Games & Interactive Entertainment

Supporting clients in the rapidly growing interactive entertainment sector at all stages of their development, from early investment and development to the commercial exploitation and enforcement of their intellectual property rights.

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