Copyright, Database Rights & Confidential Information

Just because you use them every day doesn’t mean they can’t be protected

Copyright can extend from software to photography and fine art, its cousin “database rights” can protect hugely valuable collections of data, and confidential information can be simultaneously a hugely valuable asset and a dangerous risk.

For many businesses, mailing lists and other databases containing confidential information are highly-prized commercial assets. Software can also be incredibly valuable, particularly if it provides an interface with customers or is integral to the way your business operates.

What happens if a senior-level employee leaves to take up a position with a competitor? What’s to stop them from taking customer lists and other commercially-sensitive information with them, and then your competitors using that information to your disadvantage?

  • To prevent your valuable assets from being used without your consent businesses can enforce the rights granted to them by automatic copyright and database protection. We have particular experience in search and seizure Orders for recovery and preservation of evidence
  • Copyright can be complex to identify precisely, work out who owns it and then enforce successfully, and this is where experience counts. Our experienced IP team can help you deploy what can be complex arguments to achieve your commercial objectives
  • We have experience of the full range of commercial agreements relating to software, including royalty bearing licences, assignments and R&D agreements

Our service
Our work always has your commercial goals at its heart. We will use our substantial collective experience and know-how in the protection, enforcement and exploitation of IP rights to find innovative and commercially-minded solutions. We have a proud history of success in acting for clients across a diverse range of goods and services.

How we work with you
We work on the basis that your best interests are our interests. We take the time to understand your business and how best to exploit or defend your position whilst always having your objectives front of mind.

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We have a proud history of success in acting for clients across a diverse range of goods and services.