Supporting British steel

Supporting British steel

Published: 22nd May 2019
Area: Corporate & Commercial
Author: Uddalak Datta

Following on from the insight from the government, working in its roles as a market actor, has not created the best strategy to meet public sector objectives; it is interesting to note a recent news item for clients procuring construction projects.

In the same month that the owners of British Steel are looking for a government bail-out to avert the country’s next major industrial collapse, UK Steel, the trade association for the UK steel industry (yes, both of them), has published a Charter to promote UK Steel.

The Charter is in the form of a series of statements recognising the contribution of the steel industry and a pledge to buy steel, which meets the British standard BES 6001: Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing. Again, this echoes other procurement policies to incorporate wider social value within a procurement exercise, rather than relying on a simplistic model based on costs alone, and masks any potentially unlawful “buy-national” commitment with a reference to a non-discriminatory standard. Unfortunately, the mask slips as the pledge is accompanied by a procurement challenge come-and-get-me plea to a signatory: “British business and organisations have a duty to lead the way in supporting sustainable British steel”.

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