Reflecting on the key themes from MIPIM 2019

Reflecting on the key themes from MIPIM 2019

“Throughout the event, there was an overall sense of optimism and positivity, contrasting with the undercurrent being felt by many in the UK. Although the chaos in Parliament didn’t go unmentioned, politics did not distract from the principal reason why we were at the conference”.

“There was a particularly positive atmosphere in the Midlands Pavilion, where a wealth of exciting development portfolios presenting significant investment opportunities were on show.

“Nationally, one of the key themes was the regeneration of our towns and cities.  Local Authorities across the length and breadth of the country are acutely aware of the challenges faced in maintaining the vitality and viability of town and city centres, with a need to adapt to changing lifestyles, embrace modern technology and  methods of construction and to ensure a high level of design – not only of buildings but also the spaces around them in order to provide a sense of ‘place’.  Urban environments need to be made attractive and accessible in order for people to enjoy living and working in them”.

“Flexibility in the residential market was also a prominent theme. Tenure choices have come to the forefront of the agenda, not least due to millennials being less pre-occupied than their parents by a need to own a home. The private rented sector is, therefore, likely to continue to grow, with increased investment in infrastructure needed to support it”.

“Nevertheless, for all the positivity at MIPIM, it is impossible to avoid the fact that the UK economy is currently in uncertain times, leading to many investors holding back on committing significant funds to UK-based development projects until there is more certainty over Brexit and the direction of travel. However, there are still great opportunities waiting for investors to ‘press the button’, and when they do this will have a significant positive effect on local economies”