Making flexible working a positive for everyone

Making flexible working a positive for everyone

In fact, a recent poll from the TUC found that 30 percent of flexitime requests are being rejected by employers. These results suggest that more education is needed around the potential benefits of flexible working to both employee and employer.

Thinking of embracing flexible working? Here’s what you need to think about:

Consider the situation

The majority of employees are not out to exploit their employer’s generosity, and businesses must recognise this. Reasons behind flexible working requests differ, but each must be thoroughly considered to find a mutually beneficial arrangement. Employees can have a happy work-life balance, and employers can be safe in the knowledge that the running of the business won’t be affected.

Consider productivity

If an employee is more productive in the morning or later in the day, allowing them to adjust their time in the office to suit their preferred working patterns can improve efficiency and quality. Plus, providing employees with a better work-life balance can make them more willing to put in extra effort when needed.

Consider reputation

Attracting and retaining employees is a much easier task when businesses have a reputation for being flexible and forward-thinking. Many employers now consider their flexitime and modern working practices real selling points for the business, drawing in candidates and keeping their current workers engaged and enthusiastic.

Consider training

Flexible working is becoming increasingly common, with conversations surrounding such policies inevitable for both new candidates and current employees. As a result, training is a wise move, ensuring employers have the knowledge and tools they need to create the best flexible working packages for both them and their staff.

Ultimately, balance is everything and the needs of the employee should not outweigh the needs of the business, and vice versa. By inviting honest discussions in the workplace, the result can be a positive one for all involved, rejuvenating employees and boosting productivity.

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