Golden ticket to the Gold Coast for two lucky winners

Golden ticket to the Gold Coast for two lucky winners

As well as an all-expenses paid trip to the Gold Coast in April, the champions Danielle Humphries and Sheila Curran will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the 2018 Commonwealth Games, an international multi-sport event.

The competition consisted of two prizes: the winner of the inspirational story and the Golden Ticket winner. After our people walked over 708 million steps with their average step count being a whopping 10,295 for 2017, there could only be two winners.

The inspirational story winner was selected by Alex Danson, England ladies hockey captain and firm ambassador, Paul Blanchard, CEO of Commonwealth Games England and Professor Greg Whyte, former Olympian and firm ambassador. Danielle Humphries, Energy and Projects’ Paralegal claimed the prize after being elected by numerous people and averaging an incredible 33k steps a day.

To win the Golden Ticket, our people had to rise to the ever-increasing step challenge, starting at 5,000 steps a day finishing with a phenomenal 11,000 steps a day. 1,352 golden tickets were awarded over nine challenges but Legal Cashier, Sheila Curran’s name was ultimately picked out of the hat by Greg Whyte.

For our firm, sport and sporting partnerships have been a significant priority which was highlighted in October 2015 after we were selected official legal partner for Commonwealth Games England. As partner, we have been supplying legal advice to the Commonwealth Games England team in areas such as commercial contracts, intellectual property and team member agreements until the Gold Coast Games in 2018.

The partnership further shaped the foundation of a new initiative implemented by the firm’s ambassador, celebrity personal trainer and ‘physical activity guru’, Professor Greg Whyte. Named ‘Walk to the Gold Coast’, this initiative has been encouraging people in our firm to engage in health and wellbeing activities.
The Walk to the Gold Coast initiative was created to encourage our people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle in and outside of work. Each competition subscriber was supplied a step-monitoring activity tracker to measure the success of the challenges which also involved walking the identical distances to Rio and Delhi.

For Danielle and Sheila, the initiative has allowed them the unique experience of visiting the Gold Coast, but the scheme has also positively affected our firm in general. Some team members have obtained a new love for keeping fit and healthy outside the office too which has dramatically altered their lifestyles.

Inspirational story winner, Danielle, has particularly been transformed by ‘Walk to the Gold Coast’ and now keeps active by helping her parents walk their seven dogs, by attending spin class and going swimming. Danielle explains that she has certainly noticed a difference, not only to her physical self but to her energy levels too. Having a Fitbit has especially made her aware of the steps, giving her new challenges to walk a few more when she reaches the next thousand steps.

‘Walk to the Gold Coast’ has been an unbelievable journey for everyone who took part, having a beneficial impact on the general health and wellbeing of our people. Congratulations to Danielle and Sheila who are thoroughly deserving of the prizes.