Drop in EU net migration: Not a surprise but still a concern

Drop in EU net migration: Not a surprise but still a concern

This is due to fewer people coming over to work in Britain and 151,000 people returning home, a record high.

Tijen Ahmet, our business immigration specialist, gave her thoughts on what the announcement means for the business world:

“The news that EU net migration is at an all-time low comes as little surprise. There is a wide expectation among business that this talent pool will continue to shrink so uncertainty is still defining the economic and political landscape.

“Immigration has been a key focus point on the Brexit agenda, and many employers will be entering uncharted territory once the UK leaves the bloc.

“Progress in educating employers about the options available to help retain their EU employees is painfully slow but will be vital to help them hold onto talent in the years ahead. Proactively taking steps to access alternative pools of labour will also be key to future proofing their workforces, whatever the next few months of political developments have in store.”

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