Dear Santa, please can I sell my home for Christmas?

Dear Santa, please can I sell my home for Christmas?

Political uncertainty has led to many potential sellers choosing to wait for stability before putting their house on the market, but the number of people buying houses has remained stable. With low numbers of new listings it means it’s a great time to sell.

So, what’s the best way to go about selling a home before Christmas?

  • Agents – Choose multiple agents and make the process competitive. Although this increases sales fees, it does mean benefitting from much wider exposure.
  • Price – It’s vital to find out local house prices and reflect them, as buyers will not show any interest in an over-priced house. Also, don’t be afraid to drop the asking price if there is a lack of interest.
  • Showing off – If a home is of unusually high quality in any area, whether that be location, transport links or beautiful views, sellers must capitalise on it.
  • Marketing – Taking a passive approach and letting agents do all the marketing work could be a mistake. After all, there is nothing stopping people from advertising the sale of their own home in newspapers or on social media.
  • Finding a solicitor – There’s no harm in shopping around or asking for recommendations. Find someone who will work collaboratively and act as a confident guide. Should a seller have a completion date in mind, they should let their solicitor know this from the outset.
  • Paperwork – Selling involves a lot of paperwork, so it’s important to ensure it is all in order from the start. If the paperwork is completed and ready, the solicitor can issue a contract pack as soon as the agent’s memorandum of sale is received, reducing delays.
  • Technology – Written correspondence is on its way out, with technology making the sale process much simpler and quicker. Finding a solicitor with a shared client portal, which allows progress checks, is a wise move.

Most importantly of all, to sell a home before Christmas, people must be organised and responsive in every way. From dealing with solicitors and agents to making a house buyer-ready, organisation is key to handing over the keys.

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