Corporate team assists Bermele plc with £1 million funding move

Corporate team assists Bermele plc with £1 million funding move

A special purpose acquisition vehicle, Bermele plc acquire commercial technologies in the biotechnology, life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors.

The aim of the move is to allow the business to invest in companies that are in increasingly innovative scientific fields, such as those that focus on medical and technological advancements for cancer and mental health.

Our corporate team advised Bermele plc on the finance raising process, guiding them on all legal areas, from technical contractual elements to corporate governance.

Keith Spedding, partner in our corporate team, acted as lead adviser.

Commenting on the transaction, he said:

“Bermele plc has proved itself as a forward-thinking investor with this funding operation. The UK and international life sciences and biotechnology sectors are rapidly developing and innovative fields, making them attractive propositions for Bermele plc and others like them.

“UK business is unsteady in the current climate, but this move demonstrates how successful these sectors are despite the odds. Smaller companies should certainly take heart from witnessing investors such as Bermele plc readying themselves for business.”

Toby Hayward, Chairman of Bermele plc, said: “There is a constant need for new products and technologies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, making it a fast-paced section of the market. Without new technology, revolutionary developments cannot be made in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses and conditions.

“This transaction will enable us to engage with a number of innovative businesses, helping them to continue their growth.”