ACAS guidance – age discrimination

ACAS guidance – age discrimination

The guidance provides some useful reminders about what qualifies as age discrimination, whether a minimum length of service is required before a claim can be made, the four main types of discrimination under the Equality Act 2010, examples of how, when and where age discrimination may occur and a section on raising and handling complaints.

The guidance also provides some useful tips, in the form of either what employers are required to do by law, i.e. what they “must” do, and/or what ACAS feels is good practice, i.e. what they “should” do,  so that employers can avoid being discriminatory when it comes to age. These hints and tips cover the following stages/areas of the employment relationship as well as providing other general considerations:

Pay and terms and conditions of employment
Performance management
Flexible working

The guidance comes complete with two helpful factsheets, one explaining the 10 obligations for employers and the other focusing on the top 10 myths in relation to age discrimination.