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Tuesday 27 February 2024 | 09:30 - 10:00

The next tranche of reforms under the Charities Act 2022 are due to come into effect in March 2024, the most significant likely to be the rules on amending governing documents.

Our speakers Partner and Head of Charities – Catherine Rustomji, and Charities Solicitor – Fiona Miller, will share insights on how the reforms will streamline the process of amending governing documents, and when consent of the Charity Commission may be required.

Key Topics Covered
  • Rules on amending governing documents – changes made easier for unincorporated charities

  • Charitable companies – changes to when Charity Commission consent is needed to alter its objects

  • Charity land and power to remunerate a charity trustee for work done

Who Should Attend

Charity trustees, employees and volunteers in the charities sector

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