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Monday 09 October 2023 | 09:00 - 16:00

The past three years have been some of the most challenging times for those operating in the health and social care sectors and we have become accustomed to reading headlines about the impact of care on society. 

Whether this is health care provided in clinical settings or social care provided in the community – the headlines have been stark. From endeavouring to provide top quality care in extremely difficult times to how care is funded – there is a lot to consider and everyone has an opinion.  

Chaired by Heledd Wyn, Partner at Shakespeare Martineau we will be joined by a panel of guests who have been at the forefront of care and will share their views on care provision during the pandemic and beyond from funding care fees, legal developments and case law updates. 

Our panel members are:

Jonathan Freeman, CareTech Foundation – will be talking about social care and how we champion the social care sector, care workers and those living in care.

Mark Taubert, Velindre Cancer Centre – Consultant in Palliative Medicine & Honorary Professor School of Medicine discussing how care and capacity is fundamental to crucial decisions in palliative care.

Rhys Hadden – Serjeants Inn Chamber – talking about legal developments / case law and examples of failing / delayed care packages due to the chronic lack of social care packages.

Dr Andrew McCulloch, National Committee Member – Healthwatch England – talking about mental health, policy making and implementation.

Coreena Dutton – Integrity365. As a financial adviser who is helping her own family deal with long-term care issues Coreena will talk about the practicalities of assistance.

Debra Burton, Shakespeare Martineau – will focus on what happens when families find themselves in a situation where family assets are taken into account for care fees and there is disagreement

About Pragmatic Practitioners – we are an informal network of professional individuals whose work includes support to people at difficult times in their lives.

Location: Penny Brohn UK, Chapel Pill Lane, Pill, Bristol, BS20 0HH

Tickets: £40 per person, including light breakfast and buffet lunch – any profit made from the event will be donated to Penny Brohn UK.

Key Topics Covered
  • Championing the care sector, the practicalities of care assistance and how care and capacity is fundamental to crucial decisions in palliative care

  • Legal developments, mental health, policy making and implementation

  • The financial impacts of care on family assets

Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in the care sector, those caring for individuals, care providers and practitioners.

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