Northamptonshire authorities: Exploring strategic planning opportunities

Northamptonshire authorities: Exploring strategic planning opportunities

Are you a developer, house-builder or land promoter interested in finding out more about 5 year housing land supply positions, local plan progress, strategic planning and growth areas across the East Midlands authorities?

This webinar will focus on local plan making progress, five year housing land supply positions and likely strategic growth areas across the East Midlands authorities.

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Webinar transcript

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Hello, my name is and Andrew Gore. I'm a partner in Marrons Planning part of Shakespeare Martineau and welcome to part three of our webinar series will be looking at the northamptonshire authorities in the local plan making progress five-year land Supply position trying to identify opportunities within that.
context And hopefully through the wonders of modern technology. I'm joined by my colleague Dave Pendle who is an associate director at the firm. Hi Dave. Hi there andy. Hello, everyone. Welcome aboard.
If this is the first one that you were you've listened to if you're on your third then congratulations and well done for showing that level of resilience in final day in terms of Come true authorities. Do you want to give us a quick overview in terms of the land making evidence?
Yeah, absolutely happy to do that and they I mean as as with the other two the two webinars that we've done the first webinar, we talked about to the local plan strategy and strategic issues to try and understand its of intelligence around that understand that that strategic Direction. I won't go over that again as I didn't didn't do for the second one yesterday. So please do have a listen to the first webinar. If you haven't haven't listened to that because will help sort of give a bit of context to why we talked about the sorts of things that we talked about.
North and west north Hance then that they're very different to particularly leicestershire and knots that we've talked about both have or rather. There are two joined core strategy and Joint planning units preparing those joint core strategies in the west north and south north north hands areas just to pick up on on both separately moment. I'll just say that there has been the the structural changes order for northamptonshire, which is gone.
Through now, which is bringing forwards the combined Authority processes, and we're looking at legislation which effectively brings those into play in April 20-21. So at the moment they're going through a transitional period working towards that and that will have a bearing on some of the things that we talked about. So just briefly in terms of West northamptonshire joint core strategy for daventry Northampton and South North ants that was adopted back in December.
He brought forward 42 and a half thousand homes or thereabouts with a focus on the Northampton related Development Area which will come on to so hold that in your minds the north northamptonshire join core strategy covered Corby East North hands Kettering and Wellingborough has adopted slightly more recently July 16 and that delivered between 35,000 to 40,000 homes.
The 35,000 figure relating to the sort of whole plan area and the 40,000 figure being and uplift specifically for Corby which they could take up if they wanted to refer to as a strategic opportunity all those authorities, of course under the current Arrangements where their Sovereign local authorities worked on various part twos the issues for them all related to authorities trying to meet their need and as I say then RDA dealt with with some of that issue for the West northamptonshire area by by drawing.
Element around Northampton itself and the issues for all of the bit all of them have been around delivery as well particularly in west northamptonshire, but there have been some issues in North northamptonshire as well. So where they're going well North North hence have a newer plan and they said that they will be edited evidence-gathering until 2021 their plan not being five years old of course and they'll do that through this period whilst good.
Vernon structures change, you know the transition from independent Sovereign local authorities to a single council is no mean feat for any for any any local Authority. It's no mean feat for any public sector organization that level of transition so they're going to be sitting tight doing doing evidence Gathering and not doing anything particularly public facing what we do know is that they have been talking to the ministry about a 20% growth deal.
That would be 20% more how Growth over local housing need those types of deals, of course, you know very very welcome in terms of more growth, but they do take time when they land they take time to work out how the the money that comes with such bids is is used and the processes that are required to actually use it.
So sort of an issue in north northants of growth, you know, and those deals versus the delays that that may indeed course cause West North hallux just do given the Strategic opportunity that was identified in Corby. Can we expect do you think the majority that 20% to be in and around Corby this interesting question and whether it's the majority or not, I wouldn't wouldn't say sitting here today. But Corby of course was the focus for regeneration, you know, and the focus for growth lever generation, and you'd expect that to happen again next time.
You know Colby is it is an area that you know has grown successfully relatively and could tell that growth. So I wouldn't necessarily say 20% but, you know certainly a focus for for growth and that's certainly something to bear in mind as we look forward, you know to land land opportunities and we come on to talk about the individual authorities.
Just to carry on with West North hands plans slightly older, of course, and we know that West North and South already undertaken the issues consultation and it appears as though they are going to carry on working away on that plan in an attempt to bring it forwards as swiftly as possible and part of the reason for that of course is because of the delivery issues around the nrda and so as a result what we've got there.
Tickly in terms of emerging themes are you know, how do we how do we help to see an RDA sites deliver in the short to medium term versus a question for them as plan makers, you know, and we talked about this on the during the leicestershire and Nottinghamshire a webinar sessions.
Are they going to have a focus on small to medium sites and putting those in their overall site package to help bolster delivery rates given some of the some of Dishes, they've got will touch on the nrda when we go through the authorities, but effectively the issue they're particularly as it relates to South northamptonshire and daventry is the effect of the rather store decision, which of course look to how South North hence calculate their five-year housing land Supply that basically do it on the basis of the housing requirements as its distributed down to the landing South north and south side of the nrda in other words that using the distribution policy.
Rather than a housing requirement Under Paris 73 of the MPP F and the rather stop inspector effective search can do that. Now south-north hands haven't reacted to that in the sense of change the way they calculate the final and Supply. They're still saying they've got one. But of course the rather stop inspector introducing then RDA short fall into South northants overall resulted in a shortfall in five is Supply and therefore the Tilted balance.
We know from from work has been undertaken that The same issue affects daventry and the same outcome takes place at daventry that they also struggle with a five year Supply once you do that. So definitely an emerging theme there for the west north and Serie about the nrda and what that means and whether or not an over-reliance on large sites is a sensible thing to do if it is how do they deliver those going forwards and definitely some prospects for smaller and medium sites looking down through the sacrament hierarchy. Yeah, it is.
resting decision and the although the appeal itself was dismissed the the finder to the inspector significant and I suppose one would have thought that there would be more significant in terms of why they would dictate that south-north handsome daventry. Look dude. I feel an Supply but it doesn't seem to played out that way motion recent committee reports from South North hands seem to indicate that they're still maintaining. The nrda figures are short for shouldn't be factored into that five. You multiply shortfall.
I mean logically, you can't have a scenario where the the numbers associated with the nid a or the the short for isn't attributed to some of the RT because certainly Northampton are going to that there's no penalties against Northampton in terms of that's short for because the the and RDA areas of sit outside of their Municipal boundaries. You can't have a situation were daventry and south-north hands equally several. It shouldn't factor in our working lunch Supply calculations either because effectively is to Hiatus. There's no penalties for short for against the in the nrda.
So I think Inspectors conclusions are right?
And I agree with your thoughts on the implications that would have for daventry. Well.
Perhaps we may touch on that again, perhaps if we just go through the local authorities eventually, it's very quickly. We spending a bit more time on others some more than others Corby art of North North hands. They obviously got the joint core strategy adopted 2016.
So Our plan is still within five years. In any case.
I think it's correct to say Dave isn't it that both north north hands and west north and south have reviewed the policies of the core strategies in the context of 37 to concluded that they've now carried out a review. So in the instance of West North hands where the plan is in excess of five years old and you would expect them to then use standard method to calculate piping months.
They've actually carried out a review the context 37 and they I will still be using the housing requirements in the planner, which I think is the case, isn't it? Yeah, that's right.
They've got a statement that they issued on the the joint joint planning unit website which you know pretty much set says that so, you know, not not not to not to repeat the point you made but effectively they looked at the difference between standard method and the requirements set out in the joint core strategy and They worked out the whilst whilst they were shooting under in terms of delivery for where there may have been because the standard method brings them down. Actually. They think that they've got some form of contingency and it's sort of around the seven percent more. They think even if you know, they moved across the standard method now the shortfall they've had still leaves them in about the right ballpark.
I mean, that's that's an interesting approach to take you know, we've talked before you and I and others listening would have About this about the what the decision making process is all the sign-off processes for for reviews under footnote 37, you know, whether an authority can simply make a statement and then, you know stand back and rely on that, you know, remain remains to be seen. You know, I'm sure that sort of thing would be tested appeal. What we do know is that where local plans Beyond five years now to date it doesn't necessarily translate to a you know, a switch sitting next.
It to the policies that are most important and although switch has been flicked to off and therefore, you know, that that adopted plans gone. We've sort of like and them to a series of dials haven't we and said, you know, effectively, you know, the gift is in the decision maker or with the decision maker to to sort of turn the volume down or turn the dial down against certain policies depending on the circumstances. So I think you know the statement from west north and C's is useful because it shows where they're at. They're clearly looking to breathe life into that.
That joint core strategy and you know, most local authorities would do the same. You know, what quite what happens at any appeals is obviously a different a different case, but definitely a plan let's that solder is creaking and some policies that are losing their weight and you know, it would look to be tilted balance territory for for some of them sooner rather than later.
Okay, we was we sort of jumped from West and north and back again, but don't ya so as far as corby's concerned the plans 2016. They've got a part two which is currently examination. Although the hearing sessions that were scheduled 9th June in prosperity covid-19. So we'll see where that goes.
Briefly have a look at Wellingborough, very similar.
Obviously, we have the 2016 core strategy and then they've got adopted February 20 19 and were running were only had lines there really are housing did every test has them around 94% Which means any time You plan for addressing art?
They quickly again Kettering also part of North North hands. They have yet to submit their part to plan.
It's it's imminent and again probably have some impact on times girls as it was also covid team if we have a look in our skipping overs a small hands very briefly, but Headline there really East North hands is that they currently don't have five year housing land Supply and that was in the Trap Stern appeal January 2020. There are opportunities at the moment in East North hands till department is engaged and it's worth looking in those.
In that broad area for potential short-term opportunities.
Yeah, just think just thinking about what yeah, just think about what we were saying about some of the authorities looking to move forward during this transition period he's North answer is a good example because of that that five-year land Supply shortfall, you know, we know that they've been pushing ahead with the the east north and local plan part to done that draft plan consultation now, you know finished last month finished in March and that that Can only be a reaction to the circumstances that they've got. So you're absolutely right. There are opportunities in each Northeast North hands because the Tilted balance is engaged but you know that they're working to try and fix that so, you know opportunities to to speak to them about about land at the moment or speculative applications, you know and likely to probably be there for about a year until till we know more about what's happening with the the combined Authority plan process.
Yeah, absolutely and then sticking with that theme actually in terms of potential opportunities. We have a look at over into West North Hansen to the daventry south-north hats authorities, which we spoke about briefly earlier on and the implications in their office thought appeal decision that they even though you've looked recently at daventry.
Position for the touch on that briefly. Yeah happy to you know at the risk of repeating what I said earlier and effectively what happens in South North Hanson and daventry. I'll say I'll focus on daventry for the time being they they take their their overall housing requirement is split down into daventry town daventry rural area and then daventry nrda and what they look to do is to seal off the daventry town and daventry Royal heir.
Riya components of that requirement for five-alarm Supply purposes and in doing so they rely on the distribution policy and obviously what that does is it brings down the housing requirement that you're trying to test for the next five five year period and whilst you're only looking at the supplier that's happening in the town of the rural areas as we've said consistently across this webinar series and is no surprise to many people listening small and medium sites tend to happen quicker sooner, you know, and they tend to sort of Boil away, whereas large sites in a very often have a long lead in times and don't deliver and as it is with the nrda large sites.
So when you look at daventry town and Devonshire all area and isolation and sort of you know, medically sealed them off the requirements are lower and the supply is quite healthy and as a result daventry, you know say that they've got six point nine years and what we know from the rods rather thought decision, you know, we've both reflected on having some agreement with This time it takes the borough. I'd housing requirement and it doesn't offer any protection to to the nrda not delivering it effectively says this is this is a borough-wide as a requirement and therefore a Borough I'd you know, the delicious of delivery is a borough-wide issue. When you when you plug that that rather thought decision in daventry.
We know that the four sites daventry for the nrda of got different different levels of delivery that have taken place in different permissions that exists And there's a couple of the larger ones that have got resolutions to Grant with no 106, you know at the moment and complex delivery Arrangements that push them further into the future. So the nrda component for daventry has a low five year Supply figure when you plug them together has the effect of you know, taking that six point nine years figure that daventry claimed down to somewhere around two years. You know now that hasn't been tested.
But that's that's replicating the same process that south-north hands went through through the rather store appeal decision process now daventry don't make any statements about brother stood up as far as we can tell they are carrying on calculating five years Supply against the distribution policy. So with that in mind, they're obviously, you know, those circumstances in mind. There are two issues at play here. The first one is how do you deliver in the nrda? And what does that mean for time making going?
Words, but also what does it mean for tilted balance and and the potential for you know, local and promotion and speculative applications at the moment?
I mean, I'm Steve I think and enlighted that probably are opportunities that are worth exploring. It's adapt entry. We want thing roses that I mean, we'll stop we'll move on from both the soul back to this but one thing that is worth bearing in mind is that the appeal was dismissed because ultimately the inspect wasn't keen on.
Didn't feel the location in particular perform. Well in terms of its relationship with Northampton and so that that's a factor whilst, you know, maybe a tilted balance in these areas.
Some decision makers are still then going on to assess whether or not the the homes living from a particular appeal site or application site would actually address the shortfall where it's where it's needed.
So just not actually I think that's fair Andy, you know, and this goes back to the to the comment made earlier about the the policies most important for determining, you know, the development proposal not being switched off that are sort of tile down a little bit and and of course settlement hierarchy tent, you know continues to be important and it's still material consideration any way that you would take Account in the absence of a plan. So you know, what's the sustainable? You know how sustainable is the location what's happening there? What are the circumstances around around the proposal all those things, you know still important. It's just that you know, we are operating within a tilted balance, you know rather than one that is one tilted. So, you know, you're absolutely right in that sense. There are still factors, you know play that need to be taken into account.
Yeah, absolutely and then south-north hunts the interesting, if it just just having a look at the west north and issues and options consultation, of course after northamptonshire and is part of the they sort of grapple with broad numbers that they may or may not plan for and a factor for south-north that certainly is the the Oxford Cambridge her Arc and there's a Significant amount of growth that that could or may or may not be planned for as part of the new West northants local plan. Obviously West North handsome planning for a plan period and then you planet from 2019 to around 2041. I think it is the Oxford came to growth.
With Arc is by 2050. So there is there's some overlap there and we may see the numbers the additional numbers with The Arc in form of the sort of an additional contingency 10 percent or Twenty Thirty forty percent even so that would be interesting to see how it plays out.
I'm and I think obviously Northampton worth just mentioning briefly. They've got a short for in terms of how the land Supply should expect about three years and having said that opportunities you would expect within those Municipal boundaries who would benefit from a presumption in favor.
Anyway, regardless of any sort of tilted balance because The majority of them will be in urban areas so worth mentioning but not one wheel will dwell on.
And I think that brings us to the end of the session and the end of the webinar Series.
So thank you for listening and again apologies that we've not been able to cram the the same extend and detail and information into the webinars that we would have done at the breakfast briefing and who knows if these are successful and well received and we may look doing some more in the future.
Okay. Thank you very much. Okay. Thank you folks for listening and take care.

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