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13 March 2024 | 9:00 - 11:00

The Directors’ Forums are designed to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices, fostering discussions on current affairs affecting businesses – from economic trends to environmental issues and boardroom governance.

The subject for this Directors’ Forum is Natural Capital. We will delve into the evolving landscape of Natural Capital and Nature Markets, looking at some of the drivers and the barriers to change.

Directors need to understand the strategic significance of the legislative changes which will, for the first time, create a means to connect business and business activity with nature and put a price on not just carbon capture, but habitat biodiversity, flood alleviation, soil depletion, peatland restoration and similar activities which will affect not just farmers and those who work on the land but, increasingly, every business up and down the land.

Location: Bristol

Key Topics Covered
  • Achieving Net Zero

  • Becoming nature positive

  • Nature credits as a potential investment class

Who Should Attend

Executive directors, non-executive directors and senior business leaders across public and private sectors. This is an invitation only panel discussion, but should you be interested in attending, please register your interest.

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