Adjudication Solicitors

Sometimes the right way to resolve matters is adjudication
Adjudication is mostly, but not always, a process that is followed when commercial disputes arise in the property and construction industry.

Generally specified in contractual terms and conditions, adjudication is a fast-paced and efficient form of dispute resolution, and is often regarded as the preferred alternative to court proceedings or arbitration. From start to finish the process takes just 28 days, after which the decision is legally binding for both parties. Among the advantages of the process are its speed and cost efficiency.

A wide range of disputes can be settled by means of adjudication services, including issues relating to the promptness of payments or the quality of work in construction. The process is a common solution for clients, contractors and subcontractors. You are entitled to raise a dispute for adjudication regardless of whether this was included in the contract or not.

Why Choose Shakespeare Martineau?

Our strong track record in property and construction-related disputes means we have the specialist knowledge to guide you through the adjudication process, helping you to secure the best possible outcome.

First, we find out as much as we can about your dispute before advising you of the most likely outcome. The team prepares the necessary paperwork, assists in the selection and appointment of an adjudicator, gathers evidence and serves the adjudication papers – whether you are the claiming or defending party. Our skilled dispute specialists understand the importance of emphasising the key points of the case, making it as easy as possible to guide the adjudicator into deciding the case in your favour.

  • We start by conducting a detailed analysis of the dispute, so we can advise you clearly about the merits of an adjudication, the most likely outcomes and the commercial implications of taking action. Costs need to be considered as – unlike court/arbitral proceedings – each party bears their own legal costs regardless of who wins or loses. The solvency of the other party may also need to be considered

  • We guide you through the process, providing strategic advice and representation, while helping to compile the information needed for your submissions as efficiently as possible. This often includes obtaining witness statements and other technical expert evidence to present your case in the best light

  • When the final decision has been given, things may not go to plan. If the other party fails to comply with the adjudicator’s decision, you can consider taking enforcement action through the courts. If you win, the legal costs you incur for this part of the process will be paid by the other side. We will guide you through this process swiftly and efficiently, making sure you get what you deserve

The Way We Help You

Through experience of working on complex, heavyweight disputes, our litigation team has a proven track record and thorough understanding of the adjudication process, and the key tactics to use to ensure your argument is recognised and represented robustly.We guide you through the process and prepare persuasive and accurate submissions that will help you to secure the best outcome. Our adjudication service is defined by our specialist knowledge of the process and our strategic approach.

Our adjudication solicitors will provide commercial, pragmatic advice about the prospects of your case ensuring that you have the full picture before making a decision – recognising that some cases are fit to fight and others might not stand up to careful scrutiny.We will be at your side from start to finish, guiding you through the various stages of the adjudication process thereby helping to resolve matters quickly and efficiently. We understand the importance of minimising disruption to your day-to-day operations.

We are adjudication specialists, not just lawyers.

How can we help?

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