Corporate Governance

Steering your board to a compliant and fruitful future

Balancing the interests of multiple parties – including stakeholders, shareholders, business leaders and employees – can be complex.

But ensuring your business is operating in accordance with your chosen corporate governance code, will go some way to ensure that operations are running properly, and that your wider network of beneficiaries and regulatory bodies are kept up-to-date.

When it comes to the corporate governance code, there are legal obligations for many businesses, particularly those that are listed, to comply with its requirements, provide evidence and explain adherence in annual reporting.

There is a real push towards trust, transparency and accountability in the business world, and our team of technically-brilliant company secretarial experts, ensure that your business knows what corporate governance obligations are needed, when they are needed and how to prepare.

  • Understanding the wider corporate challenges that impact the way your business operates can also influence your corporate governance practices. Years of commercial experience, combined with sharp legal know-how, ensures that we can support Boards with their everyday governance intricacies
  • Reviewing both your policies and procedures and identifying areas of non-compliance is crucial. We help businesses to understand their obligations in their applicable corporate governance codes and devise creative systems and strategies to ensure requirements are being met and mistakes are not repeated
  • Company secretaries are there to steer and advise the Board, and our team make no apologies for that. We help to ensure that Boards are running effectively, that requisite committees are in place, that policies, guidelines and procedures are all supporting your corporate governance duties, and that the efforts you are making to be compliant are being communicated and reported with success

Our service
Compliance and governance commitments aren’t going anywhere, and with the Government’s push for transparency and trust within the business community, we understand how important it is to get this right.

With significant financial and reputational damage at stake, our team work tirelessly to educate you on your obligations and provide you with access to informed and accurate processes, systems and people.

Our track record has seen us work with Boards and senior members of private and publicly-listed businesses – particularly those with large shareholder networks – to conquer their corporate governance commitments.

How we work with you
From the everyday legal intricacies of corporate agreements, to complex governance codes, our highly-qualified team will work by your side to reduce your exposure to risk and provide you with creative and workable solutions.

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