Websites & The Internet

Setting up a business on the internet does not require bricks and mortar, but it does need careful thought on the legal aspects.

After all, your website is your shop window to the world.

We deal with many businesses that trade online and we know their legal agreements and terms need to reflect a business operating in the online arena.

An online business has many legal responsibilities, including how to look after, store and use personal data and provide information to customers such as payment terms, trading information and returns policies.

Websites also transmit information and we recognise that such information should be safeguarded.

Making sure you are a responsible business owner and know what rules exist when users are interacting with your site, is something that we’ll guide you on.

Our team will help to identify areas of focus and shape a legal framework that is not only bespoke to your needs, but provides you with the foundation for growth.

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